When a Super Woman feels vulnerable at Christmas!

A fun (but worthwhile) tapping resource.

This is an altered copy of a blog from last year.  It  will keep you sane should the pressure be getting to you.

When  a Superwoman feels challenged!  A tapping resource

We rate the negative issue – O is low, 10 is- Action Time!

We state where we feel the distress in our body eg in our head, on our shoulders, in our legs  (If you are indeed a Superwoman you would have understood all that already !)    Begin….

Karate point    3 times

Even though  I think I may be trying to cram too much into my day, I Love And Accept Myself Deeply And Completely( If unable to say that, say ‘ I am growing to like myself as a person)

Even tho I might seriously be attempting to do too much, I love and A M D A C

Even tho I’m actually knackered but pretending I’m not!  I still can love and accept M D A C

Tap on all these point gently with fingers

Top Head              This isn’t good

Corner of Eye      Gosh! I can’t do it all

Side of Eye            What will they all say if I can’t do it all?

Under  Eye            Maybe I can pretend I CAN do it all,  just for a little longer

Under Nose           Yes that’s what I’ll do

Under Mouth        I WILL MANAGE

Collar bone             I WILL MANAGE

Under Arm             Oh dear, I’m not actually sure I can manage

Take  a few deeps breaths.            Consider what number of stress level you are now at and repeat [Read more…] about When a Super Woman feels vulnerable at Christmas!

Brave Enough for the Unpalatable Truth

I should have been golfing today; I rained it off! Found myself still a bit under the weather and felt drawn towards writing about ‘the unpalatable truth’  blog.   Hope it’s interesting.

Most of us steer away from uncomfortable, and unpalatable truths.  Why? probably because they make us ‘sick to the stomach’  And mainly because they are so difficult to face, that we just don’t go there!  We might have to make big decisions, face up to our own short comings, or God forbid, someone else’s. Much easier to pretend that it’s just not there.  Blocked comfortably. Why rock the boat? [Read more…] about Brave Enough for the Unpalatable Truth