Still sluggish and worried about missing the boat?

Missed the boat?Missing what boat?  Or is it just me?  I have been waiting for the 3rd of Jan for several weeks.  After all, I have had about 17 months to put on the ‘bit of weight‘ I had lost in early 2010. The 6 weeks before 3rd Jan  has been spent enjoying the blooming festive build up.  For quite a lot of us I expect, we can’t quite get away with the excess that some others can!

However, I am now in the zone re the food and drink!  (Work zone is another matter.)  Some of you know that changing mindsets is how I help people: working with negative beliefs, de-cluttering, establishing a positive mindset.  I do also say that positive thinking alone is not the answer. The old beliefs need cleared or they simply resurface.

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Raise your vibration and belief for 2012

We all live our lives at certain levels of vibration. Help yourself by facing the challenges of 2012 with fresh expectations. If our level is set at low, we can feel anger, fear, worry, resentment- all of which can lead to depression. If we are fortunate to work at a higher vibration, our expectations are optimistic,  open.  We can grow, develop, achieve, love and be free to welcome better outcomes for ourselves.

Our beliefs regarding our expectations, can be altered.  The developments within EFT therapy are truly marvellous and allow positive changes to keep us free from an emotional prison of negative beliefs.  NOT a magic wand as such-because life still goes on- but a clear space to deal with life .

Consider clearing negative beliefs which no longer serve.  Clear blocks- make space for a new way of thinking. It will also be much better for your physical health.


A very happy new year.