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Calling all SuperBeings! Beat Christmas Overwhelm

A fun and worthwhile Tapping resource.

Calling Superbeings! Beat Christmas Overwhelm with EFT and Visualisation.

An EFT routine: simple, effective and good enough to do the job. The Visualisation MP3 helps your subconscious to feel safe, have a growing sense of peace and to be open to whatever……

Another year on and this blog post has had a little facelift but the message and principle is exactly the same. Ideally you do the Tapping Routine before you experience the MP3:

MP3.Visualisation to banish Christmas Overwhelm 

Christmas can be a time of excitement, joy, just another day or a day to dread.

However, Overwhelm is not something any would be martyr need strive for.

Be assertive, be focussed, remain in a state of  bring it on but without the sense of dread and expected burnout.

Instructions before starting:

  1. What is REALLY  troubling you?
  2. State where you feel the distress in your body about this anxiety. eg in your head, on your shoulders, in your legs. Be very specific e.g. this sharp pain in my head or, this bright red pain in my shoulder.
  3. Begin.

Calling all SuperBeings! Beat Christmas Overwhelm

Tapping Points

Tapping Points

Tap on Karate Point repeating these 3 statements.

Even though  I think I may be trying to cram too much into my day, I Love And Accept Myself As Best I Can Today.( If unable to say that, say ‘ I am growing to like myself as a person).

Even tho I might seriously be attempting to do too much, I love and accept myself as best I can today.

Even tho I’m actually knackered but pretending I’m not!  I still can love and accept myself as best I can today!

Tap on all these points gently with tips or 2 fingers and repeat the wording.

Top Head           This isn’t good.

Corner of Eye      Gosh! I can’t do it all.

Side of Eye         What will they say if I can’t do it all?

Under  Eye          Maybe I can pretend I CAN do it all,  just for a little longer.

Under Nose         Yes that’s what I’ll do.

Under Lips         I WILL MANAGE.

Collar bone         I WILL MANAGE.

Under Arm          Oh dear, I’m not actually sure I can manage.

Take a few deeps breaths. Consider where you feel the unease and has the number of intensity changed?

T H                   Why can’t I manage?

C E                   What’s going wrong?

S E                   I don’t believe this!

U E                   Why can’t I keep being Superwoman or SuperMan?

U N                   It’s still a  blooming 9.

U L                   My (Whatever your discomfort is) Stomach is still churning.

C B                   I just can’t believe this.

U A                   Goodness me,  maybe  I can’t DO IT ALL.

Deep breaths- Allow reality to creep in and change the  Karate phrase- actually, to whatever you want – but try these if you wish!

Tap Karate Point for 2nd Round

Even tho I’m actually just like everyone else and can barely admit to it; I do feel a bit overwhelmed,

But, I love and accept myself as best I can today.

Even tho I will admit that I need to ease up otherwise I might not actually enjoy the festive season, I Love A A M A B I C T

Even tho I do admit I need to SLOW UP – I can STILL Love and accept myself A B I C T !

T H                   I need to slow down

C E                     I accept I need to slow down

S E                     ahh! I do need to ease up because I FEEL TIRED!

U E                     I need a rest!

U N                     Easing up

U L                     Being kinder to ME

C B                     I choose to ease up

U A                     I allow myself  to be kinder to ME

Repeat               and take deep breaths

T H                     I allow myself time

C E                      I give myself time

S E                      I ease up on all that I THINK I need to achieve

U E                      Wanting to survive Christmas

U N                      If I need to, I will tell loved ones how I feel (but that’s difficult for me!)

U L                     However, I recognise I do actually need to look after myself

C B                      Gosh that feels nice

U A                      I could get used to this! I really could get used to this!

Deep breaths.  What is the number of intensity around this issue for you now? Where do you feel it? Has the feeling moved or changed?

Worth Noting: For those SuperBeings who can sense improvement – keep practicing when necessary. Listen to the MP3 before sleeping and when first awake; your subconscious will take on this new reality.(You can choose to allow that to happen)

I wish you whatever you want from this crazy, fun and exhausting time of year.

Susan Cowe Miller

Author of Survive and Thrive after Trauma

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