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Weight Loss Challenges and Tapping Group

Why is it so difficult for some of us to lose weight?

no-more-buts Join my EFT Tapping group and ‘tap it off’.

6 weekly sessions of Tapping and coaching tips.

We’ll be focussing on:

  • reducing stress to reduce weight
  • weight beliefs you don’t know you have
  • moving on from ‘ I just can’t seem to do it!’

I am starting these sessions because I know that Tapping is effective in reducing stress levels around anger, disappointment, lack of belief, feelings of confusion;  all those feelings we need to reduce and clear if we want to gain in confidence and increase in self belief.

How can these Tapping sessions benefit me?

Some questions first if I may?

  1. Have you planned diets, completed diets, broken diets, treated yourself to naughty unacceptable nice things during diets?
  2. Do you ever wonder if there’s more to it than just eating low carbs, or low fat, or high protein?
  3. Are you open to the idea that releasing stress and quietening the mind may be useful?

This is a tricky issue and I bet no-one would say it is easy. Many people struggle to maintain their new weight after a diet. The newspapers and magazines report on this all the time.

I am offering to help you because I know the potential of this simple technique called Tapping or EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).

During the sessions you will

  • tap on feelings of possible frustration, disappointment.
  • increase belief in future success.
  • end the session feeling more relaxed.

When we feel more confident and relaxed, successes happen.

Give yourself a gift today- Book a session and experience the potential of Tapping.

Booking Essential. £10 per session.

Chris Elmes
Thank you so much for talking to us about EFT – a subject which, pretty obviously, none of us had the first clue about!
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Sheryl Andrews
I have to say that I was really impressed with the whole experience and left feeling like my whole emotional well being had shifted up a notch or two.
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Testimonial to help Overwhelm
Hello ladies(a private group) I've been meaning to put up a testimonial for Susan Cowe Miller for some time. I had some EFT sessions with her before the summer and they really helped me on my progressive journey through this thing we call life.
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How can EFT benefit me?
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