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Matrix Birth Reimprinting

Peace and Love

Peace and Love

Matrix Birth Reimprinting is a powerful experience offering hope and new expectation; a fantastic opportunity for

  • self discovery and clearing of negative or unhelpful ancestral beliefs
  • clearing a fear of child birth so that an expectant, eagerly anticipated and loving experience can be welcomed
  • allowing personal growth when a relationship with our mother proves or has proved hostile or disappointing

All is possible when we work in this field of emotional energy.

So much of our worry or angst may not even be ours; it may have been gifted to us through our ancestral path. Life can be challenging enough without adding other people’s stuff to our journey.

How we are affected by a difficult birth

A huge percentage of Western births are traumatic.

Imagine your moment of birth; your little safe, secure world is changing, rapidly. You are sharing your mum’s panic hormones and probably have nasty bright lights welcoming you, the cord is cut before you’re placed skin to skin on your mother’s chest. So much is going on; busy doctors, clanging noises…. and this is experienced from a good, loving and hopeful birth. 

Never mind the nine months you spent absorbing negative emotions and beliefs if you were not planned, wanted; if there was not enough money, if your father had left and your mother was continually frightened. Can you begin to see how your beliefs can be shaped even before you were born?

So why should I consider this experience?

Well just consider what your perfect, most blissful birth arrival into this world could be, if you could choose and how that might affect your outlook on life today?

How can Matrix Birth Reimprinting benefit me?  

You may

  • love your mother
  • dislike your mother
  • want to find a release from your mother’s influence
  • want to have an easier birth than your mother had with you
  • have a deep fear of giving birth
  • wish to visualise the birth you want but have no idea how to go about it
  • have difficulty conceiving and want to unlock why this is the case

If you have issues around conceiving or mother stuff; feel guilt, want a closer relationship with your mother then you need to release what’s in the way. That’s how I can help you. I help you get out of your own way.

Give yourself the opportunity to be your authentic YOU; not the YOU, you believe your mother made you to be. It’s not your mother’s fault;  it’s not your fault.

This is all about releasing, forgiving, loving or allowing.

My thoughts

When I added Matrix Birth Reimprinting to my EFT skills I discovered something quite mindblowing.

I trained with Sharon King and I suggest you have a look at her website Magical New Beginnings.

I began to realise that so much of our behaviour and belief system is in place even before we are born.

I always loved my mother and had no real issues with her but I appreciated that I was very like her and may not be over the moon about that.  Also some of my behaviour patterns seemed a little clonish.

My birth beliefs and expectations

I was a difficult birth; my mother wanted a home birth but difficulties arose. She was rushed to hospital. It was too late for a Caesarean so the experience for her and more importantly for me was traumatic. I had specific difficulties conceiving; it took five years. My sister had two Caesareans, I had two Caesareans and an ectopic pregnancy. Did this become an ancestrally handed down issue; a fear that was subconsciously just there?

I don’t want my daughter to hold this fear of childbirth so I finally learned all about this truly wonderful addition to my EFT and Matrix Reimprinting based skills. When we have positive free flowing beliefs about anything, those around us benefit from the ripple effect.

Matrix Birth Reimprinting gives you a freedom you may scarcely believe possible.

We have strong emotional ties involving our mother and I believe very many of our mothers would wish their daughters to be free spirits, free from past trauma.

Give yourself this gift today.

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