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Why am I ill?

Meta Health. Thankyou to www.metamedicine.infor this image.

Meta Health. Thankyou to for this image.

Why am I ill? What is the root cause of my illness?

Do you have patterns of ill health or does one particular ailment or illness present itself regularly and you want to know why?

Lifestyle Prescriptions University training, which I am studying at practitioner level, allows a truly amazing insight into your physical health. Science based it gives very specific clues to the WHY of your illness or pain.

Dr. Bruce lipton and me!

A fact:

Emotional health plays a massive role in affecting physical health. Dr Bruce Lipton, Stem Cell Biologist is one who states that emotional distress has a 95% effect on your chronic ailments, recurring seasonal illnes e.g. hayfever, tonsillitis; and the big, scary stuff.  This video gives insight.

The Art and Science of Self-Healing

When you have been in a state of stress (not all stress is bad!) your body adapts and deals with the emotional disruption.

  • When that specific stress has been resolved, your body begins to rectify its healthThat’s when we can feel physically unwell. But this can become chronic if we do not find the Root Cause of the ailment; the WHY.

It is difficult for you to figure out at a conscious level. That’s why EFT and Matrix ReImprinting complement this ‘Art and Science of Self- Healing’ so beautifully. I help you unravel the emotional trigger(s), which then reveal the Root Cause of your compromised state of health.

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Roberta Jerram
I recently experienced an EFT / Matrix Reimprinting session with Susan over the telephone and felt immediately put at ease by Susan's soothing voice and professionalism.
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Chris Elmes
Thank you so much for talking to us about EFT – a subject which, pretty obviously, none of us had the first clue about!
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Childhood abusive trauma
You are a wonderful, kind and very empathetic practitioner and have helped me greatly. Guilt no longer weighs me down – no longer sad and unsure of who I am. 
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How can EFT benefit me?
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