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EFT Resources – Getting back the motivation!

August 22, 2011   Ok  it’s back from the holidays, or well deserved time-off, and time to get re-focused.

(This routine can be used ANY time motivation takes an unpleasant dip!)

I suggest you do this twice a day, until you feel strong enough on your own.  then use as and when.

And if you find it really hard to believe that this can work for you, try a session or two with a practitioner. I self-treat but work so much more effectively on any bigger issues,  with my swap partner. She makes me go into ‘things’ I may try to avoid!

You know the tapping points You know to alter any of the words that don’t resonate, ring true to you.  I am quite direct with myself, more gentle with my clients but can suggest that they may not be allowing the ‘true picture’ to surface.        So here goes and remember to think about where in your body you feel the lack of motivation, and give it a rating, a number between 0(low distress) and 10(high distress)

So let’s get started, but you can print this routine EFT Resources Motivation

Karate point and say 3 times (alter slightly if you like as you repeat)

Even tho I can’t be bothered really focusing on work straight away after my holiday, I know that I will just get irritated with myself and feel frustrated when I waste time, AND I love and accept myself deeply and completely.

  • Top of Head ____________   I need to focus
  • Corner of eye____________ needing to focus
  • side of eye______________  I need to focus
  • under eye_______________ I want to focus
  • under nose______________ this needing to focus
  • under bottom lip__________needing to re-focus on my work
  • collar bone ______________ I need to re-focus
  • under arm_______________ needing to re-focus

2 tapping(1st session)

  • top of head______________I need to focus
  • corner of eye____________ I need to focus on my work
  • side of eye ______________ I need to get down to it and re-focus
  • under eye _______________ Thank goodness I’m re-focussing
  • under nose_______________ I feel better re-focussing
  • under bottom lip___________Gosh I feel better now I’m focussing
  • collar bone _______________ I enjoyed my holiday and if I want other holidays, I better get re-focussed now!
  • under arm________________    re-focussing and feeling better

2 deep breaths and consider what number you give your lack of motivation now.  Where is and  how strong is the feeling of  lack of motivation?

Karate point -3 times

Even tho I feel better about all this re- motivating, I recognise I have to be open and willing to re-focus on working hard  and I love and accept myself deeply and completely.

2nd round

  • Top of head________________  Pleased I’m re-focussing
  • corner of eye_______________It feels good  to be motivated
  • side of eye_________________I want to be successful
  • under eye_________________I know it takes effort
  • under nose_________________It feels good to be back on course
  • under bottom lip____________I enjoy my success
  • collar bone________________I enjoy feeling good about myself
  • under arm________________And now I’m invigorated and ready to go!

2nd round- 2nd session

  • top of head________________Wanting to enjoy my success
  • corner of eye______________Pleased I’m ‘back on course’ and motivated
  • side of eye________________Looking forward to all I have to do
  • under eye_________________Looking forward to enjoying my success
  • under nose________________It’s great to be motivated again
  • under bottom  lip ___________I feel energised
  • collar bone________________I am motivated and ready to go
  • under arm________________ Ready to go forward

Take 2 deep breaths then consider how you feel now.

Repeat if necessary.

Enjoy your success.


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