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EFT – Tapping Routine for total exasperation!

This is personal! As I am being professionally challenged re an Insurance claim,  being ‘pushed and exasperated’ on a continual basis- here is a routine. Adapt the wording to suit please.

See tapping points

Tap on Karate point –

Even tho I feel I am at my limit for feeling  totally exasperated- I love and accept myself deeply and completely

Even tho I have reached zero tolerance and can’t believe what is being thrown at me – I love A A M D A C

Even tho I am furious and spitting mad, I do accept that I need to get over this- and I love A A M D A C

Tapping points

Top of Head                      This fury

Corner of Eye                     This ridiculous injustice

Side of Eye                         This furious feeling

Under eye                          This number 10 injustice

Under nose                        This anger I feel in my head and hands

Under bottom lip                This maddening feeling, feeling of being useless

Collar bone                        This No 10 anger

Under arm                          This is not a good feeling

Repeat, alter words slightly to suit YOU.  Take a couple of good deep breaths.

2nd Session

Karate Point

Even tho I have remaining anger, I know it serves me no purpose so I choose to release this anger and   I love A A M D A C

Even tho I have remaining anger and injustice, and  it’s a no 6,  I choose to just let it go and  I love   A A M D A C

Even tho I have remaining and justified injustice I choose to release this and deal quietly with the situation  and I love A A M D A C

(If you feel yourself yawning or tummy gurgling- great- that’s the energies moving)

T .H.                                          This remaining anger

C.E                                             I have remaining anger

S.E.                                            This  no. 6 remaining anger

U.E                                             How will I feel when I let it go?

U.N                                            How good will that feel, not holding on to it?

U.L.                                           It serves me no good purpose

C.B.                                            It is very bad for me

U.A.                                           I choose to let it go

REPEAT POINTS                   Deep breaths

T.H.                                             I release this anger

C.E.                                              I move forward

S.E.                                              I feel stronger and better equipped  to do what I have to do

U.E.                                             I feel much more able to cope

U.N.                                            Gosh that is so much better

U.B.L.                                         I feel so much better

C.B                                               I am able to see a path ahead and not be blinded by negative fury

U.A.                                             Thank goodness for that!

Repeat often when feelings are high.

Invest in yourself, invest the time!

A practitioner will help you move so much quicker, then you can self treat, should you be challenged again.

Life does seem to challenge us.  Be resilient, strong and seek help or quiet time to settle down!

Always use words that resonate.

Move forward to a stronger and happier You!








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