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EFT Resources- Networking Anxiety- A tapping routine

This is a detailed explanation, subsequent routines will focus on the statements only, not the long explanation.

Although a primary teacher by profession, I still became anxious, or became cross with myself about feeling nervous at networking meetings. Here is a simple routine to follow, give it 15 minutes please…..

Before you start, 1. Rate the level of discomfort and anxiety, on a scale of 1-10, 0 is no fear, 10 is terrified of it. 2. Consider WHERE you feel this anxiety. Using karate point on side of hand,(any hand) tap gently on karate point and say these 3 statements, (Use words which are TRUE to you, alter mine please if you wish) Be specific.

Even though I feel nervous and anxious about standing up in public, trying to talk about what I do I love and accept myself deeply and completely Even though I feel stressed and anxious about standing up in public, talking about myself I love and accept myself deeply and completely Even tho I get very nervous at the thought of standing up and talking about me, and what I do, I love and accept myself deeply and completely. Then Tap with some fingers from either hand) and repeat Top of Head _______________________’this anxiety’ Corner of eye_______________________’this anxiety’ Side of eye ________________________this anxiety Under eye _________________________this anxiety I feel about talking in public Under nose ________________________this stress in case I make a fool of myself Under bottom lip_____________________this anxiety that I feel in my (where d you feel it?) Collar Bone _________________________this anxiety Under arm _________________________this stress and worry

Do this a second time, perhaps alter words slightly. Then take a couple of deep breaths. Consider the number level of anxiety , then, where the feeling of anxiety is- it can change places!

We repeat this process , but slightly change the words for the next round of tapping. Again be specific, repeat basic level again if no shift or improvement is felt.

2nd round 1st tapping Karate point 3 statements Even tho I still feel some stress when I think about standing up and talking in public – I may get it all wrong, I may not tell them what they need to hear I love and accept myself deeply and completely Even tho I can still be anxious about networking, they are ALL just like me so I choose to stop this worrying and chill! And I love and accept myself deeply and completely Even tho I may be a bit nervous about ‘doing my pitch’ I believe I can do it and will do it Well! And I love and accept myself deeply and completely. Top of head___________________Still a little nervous C of eye __________________Still a little stressed S of eye __________________I might get it wrong U eye __________________I may forget what I want to say U nose __________________We are all in the same boat U bottom lip _________________ I will be fine C Bone _________________ I will be fine U Arm __________________I will be very Good!

2nd round 2nd time of tapping Top of head __________________I choose to let go of my nerves C of eye __________________I choose to let go of feeling stressed S of eye __________________I choose to let go of this anxiety U eye __________________It serves me no purpose U nose __________________I choose to consider enjoying my time in the spotlight U bottom lip __________________ I will work on enjoying my 1 minute pitch Collar Bone __________________I will speak confidently, with pride and belief U Arm __________________I choose to enjoy my time in the spotlight

2 deep breaths. Consider what number the anxiety level is and consider if anxiety is still felt in parts of the body.

That only takes 4 minutes (in a 1-1 session, we go into When you first may have felt this, and, we work on that, to clear the original negative belief, using Matrix ReImprinting). By all means do a 3rd round, 2 lots of tapping, using your own positive words eg I rid myself of this fear I choose to clear this fear I will not self-sabotage etc etc. ___________________________________________________________________

Once you’ve arrived or just before you leave for networking, do a short version, maybe just some karate point statements Even tho I have this fear of talking in public, I have chosen to disregard this form of self sabotage and choose to go in and get on with it.

Or/And do a short form in the Ladies or Gents.

Once you are in situ you can tap on your finger under the table- this is discreet, no-one will know- loads of folk do it! Tap on the outer edge of thumb (improves a positive outlook, relevant to obsessive behaviour)

Good Luck, Have a go, Be Surprised!


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