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Is your hand up to Stop Smoking?

Is your hand UpAs an ex-smoker, (RELAX! I am not on a mission), but I do have up close and personal knowledge of the fact that smoking can kill. When it was National No Smoking day in the past, I quite simply ignored it. But should you be seeking any form of help, have a read of this. 9 years ago my husband died. His arteries were 75% furred. He did have an addictive nature, had tried to stop, twice, had been curled in the corner of our lounge with the stress, and finally said, ‘No I’ll  stay a smoker.’ So he chose to be a smoker.  He also chose a gamble which didn’t pay off. My present partner gave up using will power. Nothing else. I gave up mainly with will power and the plastic nicorette inhaler ‘thingie’. I gave up 18 months after my husband died. So I wasn’t exactly scared into it. Continue reading

Re-Ignite Your Inner Spirit – Allow your Confidence to Shine.

“Do you have a brick wall?   It can be a little brick wall or a fairly hefty one! Does something waken you in the middle of the night?  Could your ‘brick wall’ have gained so much power, that it is affecting your path to Success, Health, Wealth, Happiness? Your Abundance… You know!  the path you have chosen, and have invested a great deal of time, effort or money.

Are you shining on the outside, but know that you seek ‘the inner shine’?

When you have ‘Real Confidence’ your life transforms to embrace a new level of great living.

Action time – address it now! I work mainly with my favoured ( and very powerful) therapy, based on EFT and Matrix ReImprinting. I have some ‘life experience’ which I feel permits me to say,

If your hand is up,  wanting to address and change what is holding you back , (or straining to be held up)  then I know I can help.’   

Be it gentle but continual irritations,  or,  ’ok- enough is enough!’ Gain inner confidence, reassert and ‘Re-Ignite Your Inner Spirit – Knock down the brick-wall!  It’s easier than you think! Inner confidence is a wonderful thing, especially  when you allow it to come out and play;  you are shining on the outside, for all to see.

If your hand is up, I am running Confidence -Inner Shine  packages, from home.  If you WANT to Re-Ignite Your Fire, Your Inner Spirit, please click


When a Super Woman feels vulnerable at Christmas!

A fun (but worthwhile) tapping resource.

This is an altered copy of a blog from last year.  It  will keep you sane should the pressure be getting to you.

When  a Superwoman feels challenged!  A tapping resource

We rate the negative issue – O is low, 10 is- Action Time!

We state where we feel the distress in our body eg in our head, on our shoulders, in our legs  (If you are indeed a Superwoman you would have understood all that already !)    Begin….

Karate point    3 times

Even though  I think I may be trying to cram too much into my day, I Love And Accept Myself Deeply And Completely( If unable to say that, say ‘ I am growing to like myself as a person)

Even tho I might seriously be attempting to do too much, I love and A M D A C

Even tho I’m actually knackered but pretending I’m not!  I still can love and accept M D A C

Tap on all these point gently with fingers

Top Head              This isn’t good

Corner of Eye      Gosh! I can’t do it all

Side of Eye            What will they all say if I can’t do it all?

Under  Eye            Maybe I can pretend I CAN do it all,  just for a little longer

Under Nose           Yes that’s what I’ll do

Under Mouth        I WILL MANAGE

Collar bone             I WILL MANAGE

Under Arm             Oh dear, I’m not actually sure I can manage

Take  a few deeps breaths.            Consider what number of stress level you are now at and repeat Continue reading

Brave Enough for the Unpalatable Truth

I should have been golfing today; I rained it off! Found myself still a bit under the weather and felt drawn towards writing about ‘the unpalatable truth’  blog.   Hope it’s interesting.

Most of us steer away from uncomfortable, and unpalatable truths.  Why? probably because they make us ‘sick to the stomach’  And mainly because they are so difficult to face, that we just don’t go there!  We might have to make big decisions, face up to our own short comings, or God forbid, someone else’s. Much easier to pretend that it’s just not there.  Blocked comfortably. Why rock the boat? Continue reading

Depression and Stress in the news Again!

              September 14, 2011

After reading the latest newspaper 2 page spread on depression, I have to blog.

Being subtle was never easy for me. And I’ve had enough of being quiet and not stressing how good, effective, easy, long lasting and seriously worthwhile EFT (and Matrix ReImprinting)  is as a therapy.  Energy psychology is going to be the way forward, working alongside the mainstream, accepted,  forms of therapy, to treat  Stress.  Eminent people are promoting EFT and research trials are being undertaken.

Depression, Stress at home, stress in the workforce.  Where to start? Continue reading

Recognising Strengths

Aug.14, 2011

If children knew that the answer to some of their upsets, anger or lack of confidence, was at their fingertips, the future of our world might be in safer hands. The negative, limiting beliefs that many of us have, took root in childhood.

I have 25+ years experience as a primary teacher. However, I wanted to develop other interests in my life. To only do a little supply teaching.  But, I now realise the credibility that probably goes with 25 years experience in primary teaching, allows me to say that I have an area of expertise within EFT; working with children; large or small.

Sometimes it takes time for things to be seen or understood. Once YOU can recognise where YOUR skills are, HAVE A GO!!


Watch EFT/Matrix ReImprinting work on Phobias

August 8, 2011 What is this EFT and Matrix ReImprinting?! Have a look and watch an expert. Karl Dawson, an EFT Master, and the creator of Matrix ReImprinting, has an excellent video showing how he treated someone with ‘a Frog Phobia.’ I have this on my website in ‘More about EFT’ or here is a quick link to cut and paste. If you are fortunate and do not have a fear, a deep ANXIETY of something specific, eg. flying or snakes , then you can sympathise but never really understand how a dread like this can limit and restrict how an individual may live. The sight of a snake, the thought or the suggestion of going on a plane, will fill that person with FEAR. A negative belief or a trigger memory can take that person back, completely, to the full power of the fear. The more often this happens, the stronger the fear/reaction appears to be. When someone tries to rationalise, tries to tell themselves they are going to get over it, that is actually giving a status of power to the fear! It is stored in the sub-conscious – to keep us safe. This negative belief had to start sometime perhaps 5 years ago, 25 years ago, 40 years ago. This belief may no longer best serve the individual! EFT ‘psychological acupuncture’ lowers the stress and anxiety, the feeling of overwhelm, the negative belief. Matrix ReImprinting allows an improved positive belief for the client. The fear can be gone. Life will be freer. Restrictions relating to the original fear, are gone. This video shows clearly how a memory can manipulate aspects of a person’s life. Well worth a look if you know someone who has a big fear about any aspect of life.

What brings back the Gold?

July 27 2011 Listening to Chris Evans brought a ‘WOW’ moment to me. I was half listening and heard him say that perhaps the Track and Field athletes may not be allowed to take part in the Olympic Opening Ceremony. Now regardless of the valid and justified reasons for not attending, my immediate reaction was, ‘What a negative decision’ Imagine if you were an athlete hearing the crowd, seeing the crowd, ‘the natural high,’ the moments thinking that the next time they hear and see that,’ It will be for me’ So ‘Disappointment versus ‘a Natural High,” or ‘True Dedication to Training versus Time out from Training’ To be the Best, needs a lot of work! Or, a fantastic boost to ‘A Winning Attitude’ – My!My! A difficult call for sure.

Roberta Jerram
I recently experienced an EFT / Matrix Reimprinting session with Susan over the telephone and felt immediately put at ease by Susan's soothing voice and professionalism.
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Chris Elmes
Thank you so much for talking to us about EFT – a subject which, pretty obviously, none of us had the first clue about!
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Paula Bishop
Susan clearly explained the EFT and Matrix process to me and led me through, step by step, always checking that what we were doing was suitable for me.
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