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When Isobel was nine years old her adoptive father died. He had been ill for a year and the seriousness of the illness had been kept from her. To protect her. She was sent to school the next day as normal; as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. The message she learned: carry on as normal – stiff upper lip attitude. Continue reading

Where do you vibrate on the Emotional Scale?

Simple pleasures

Simple pleasures

Where do you vibrate on the Emotional Vibration Scale? A follow up blog to ‘Are you big enough to forgive?’

Are you  in flow and feeling marvellous or kind of stuck with negativity and just not in the zone?

When we vibrate at the lower end of the scale we close off opportunity because we resist the chance to forgive, let go, move on; when we vibrate at the higher end we are open to joy, happiness, success, opportunitiy, life, love and possibility.

Be delighted or disappointed when you check this out. All you do is decide which colour area resonates; it’s not a quiz yet, rather an opportunity to see what joys are just ahead further up the scale. Continue reading

Sheryl Andrews
I have to say that I was really impressed with the whole experience and left feeling like my whole emotional well being had shifted up a notch or two.
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Roberta Jerram
I recently experienced an EFT / Matrix Reimprinting session with Susan over the telephone and felt immediately put at ease by Susan's soothing voice and professionalism.
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Rachel – Psychology graduate
I was quite surprised with my session of EFT, and especially the Matrix Reimprinting which I hadn't experienced before.
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