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Radio Gorgeous Interview

I'm ready for me

I’m ready for me

What a super time I had when interviewed by the lovely Josephine Pembroke for Radio Gorgeous. We discussed EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or Tapping as it’s often called and Josephine was especially interested in Matrix Reimprinting the wonderful extension of EFT developed by Karl Dawson.

So have you been challenged by

  • an alcoholic?
  • the grimness of to divorce or not to divorce?
  • a sudden death which resolves all things messy; giving you a second chance?

If YES then have a listen and if not there is still much to take away.  I came out the other end of all these concurrent traumas and amazingly remarried last year!

We discussed my book ‘Survive and Thrive after Trauma‘. A no holes barred interview but then I am a realist and only express myself well when being truly authentic. The book is in three parts:

  • autobiographical
  • emotional and energy healing resources with explanation
  • golden nuggets shared by interviewees now thriving

Sometimes life sets us big challenges, harsh truths may be spoken or received and fundamentally if a decision does not feel right for you- then it is not a correct decision.

Here is a copy of the recording. Radio Gorgeous with Susan Cowe Miller

Survive and Thrive after Trauma is available on Amazon  in hardback and in Kindle form.

There is something for everyone on Radio Gorgeous; it’s fun, edgy and sometimes quite controversial!

HeartMath Breathing

Allowing peace

Allowing peace

Simple and effective technique to lower stress and anxiety: give yourself the gift of  HeartMath Breathing. We think too much: this calms. For the times when challenged by overwhelm, anger, any strong negative debilitating emotion.

1. Close your eyes and relax.

2. Place your hand over your heart and focus your attention into that area.

3. Breathe deeply but normally and feel as if your breath is coming in and out of your heart area.

4. Begin to regulate your breathing to a count of six.

5. Breathe for a count of six seconds into your heart space.

6. Breathe for a count of 6 out of your heart space.

7. Keep breathing in for six and breathing out for six.

8. Do this for 2 minutes if you can and focus on your heart area.

This edited version strongly follows a section in ‘Transform Your Beliefs Transform Your Life- EFT Tapping using Matrix Reimprinting‘ by Karl Dawson and Kate Marillat.

Workshop: Dust yourself off and start all over again!

Are you ready to ‘Dust yourself off and start all over again; or have you been ready for a while and just not got round to it?’

Gentle strength

Gentle strength

I am running a workshop in Rowlands Castle, Hampshire based on  Recharge Your POWER’: my self-discovery programme for those who have been emotionally bashed around by some of life’s bigger challenges.

It’s Saturday April 26th 2014.  10am – 4pm

The workshop is aimed at those

  • dealing with divorce or relationship issues


  • with the desire to just head off in a new direction, with new purpose and expectation; but wishing support and guidance Continue reading

Reduce Divorce Stress-Huffington Post



In December I was interviewed by Suzy Miller the Alternative Divorce Guide for The Huffington Post; the interview was titled Dealing with Divorce Stress over Christmas.   My video What is EFT? was also promoted.

However divorce stress is not unique to Christmas and I have developed a Pre/Post Divorce programme, ‘I’m Ready To Move On’.which guides members through a gentle and challenging self-discovery process to a place of moving on. Continue reading

MP3:The questioning format for ‘I’m Ready to Move On’

I detail the questioning format and share benefits from my self-help programme ‘I’m Ready to Move On'; the programme ideal for those struggling with divorce or relationship challenges, or those ready for that clean fresh start.

To find out more please listen to this short MP3.

Speakers are recommended for improved audio.

‘Recharge your Power’ Workshops

Open  to men too!

Open to men too!

The question has been raised, ‘When is your Divorce POWER course starting?’

It is a programme at present, to follow privately and the only guidance and help is within the programme itself.  One to one sessions are not part of the deal.  And Workshops;  I had not thought that far ahead.

Those who know me know I work fairly instinctively and intuitively. So I am asking for feedback please.

Do you think people will attend a workshop(s), on ‘Recharge Your POWER’ when struggling with Divorce?

PM me on Social Media or just add a comment. All very gratefully received.

Watch this space;  Intuition tells me to JDI and put out the date……………..


Allison Marlowe
I am very open to trying new therapies but I wasn't expecting such a quick result from working with Susan. The one session we had together completely changed my thinking patterns.
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Roberta Jerram
I recently experienced an EFT / Matrix Reimprinting session with Susan over the telephone and felt immediately put at ease by Susan's soothing voice and professionalism.
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Sheryl Andrews
I have to say that I was really impressed with the whole experience and left feeling like my whole emotional well being had shifted up a notch or two.
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