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Take note of body signs of stress

Jan 13. 2011  part 1

Isn’t it a bit strange, most of us know when we are bothered about something.  I dare say most of us ignore it too. Since doing EFT and reading loads about the psychology of body pain and how we can choose to block the bad stuff,  if we recognised and acknowledged our body triggers, we could then sort ourselves out quicker. Continue reading

The curious incident of the cat…

Jan 8th  2011

The mind can play funny tricks!  A couple of days ago, Carolyn Barbour, a facebook and networking friend, mentioned that she unfortunately went to feed a friend’s cat and found that it had died!

I mentioned on her Facebook page that my present neighbour, and good friend, had almost had that experience with Herb’s cat,  but then  a week or so later, a friend’s cat did actually die when she was caring for it.

Later, I remembered that, a few years ago,  one of my dearly loved cats had died when my [old] neighbour was looking after it. I had forgotten. Continue reading

Stress Management using EFT

14 Dec 2010. Stress Management – The tapping and focussing technique used in EFT has a remarkable success rate in tackling Stress Management, freeing clients from emotional distress. I specialise in Anger Management Emotional Trauma Anxiety Life will be challenging at times, but you can easily and very effectively learn to free yourself from the way YOU react to particular negative emotional triggers, which may have been in place within YOUR belief system for many years. How often have you said ‘ that won’t work because….. oh that will never happen because…. I can’t go and speak to my boss about that because……… I’ll just have a little drink to settle my nerves because……. One more biscuit will just do nicely…… I get mad as hell when…… Better not do that because……’ All these reactions can become programmed in OUR OWN PERSONAL belief system – but they can be removed! Tapping and focussing on ‘our reaction to the trigger’ works by releasing the trapped negative energy which restricts the way we run our lives, and, is potentially highly destructive to our health.

Volunteering EFT services at my dentist for those who fear the chair!

06.12.10 I have volunteered my services at my dental practice,, really as an opportunity to learn how successful my EFT can be to those who, really fear, the dentist. Now I have not practised on myself because although a visit to the dentist is not high on my list of life’s pleasures, I would love to be able to offer help to some of those who have a genuine anxiety of the dental visit! My visit is on Wednesday and all going well, the Practice will still be happy to allow me to offer my services. I will let you know, in time, how successful I have been.

Matrix reImprinting

I am in-training to practice Matrix reImprinting. Matrix reImprinting was developed by EFT master, Karl Dawson, and is seen as a natural progression of EFT.  I have just completed a large part of my Matrix reImprinting course.  I am fascinated, enthusiastic and completely interested in what I have been learning.

Here is a link with Karl Dawson explaining how he explains MR.

Tapping for Christmas! don’t have time!

I’m not quite sure if this is a blog for me or to be sent out to the masses.  I could be self indulgent and whine a bit, but instead I will try, ( now that’s a deliberate first error by me- try is not good enough,  I will - is what is required!) so I will find the time  to tap to get rid of  ‘this ache in my shoulders about dealing with Christmas.

When my fellow therapists and I get together we remind each other that if we not not treat ourselves- what benefit are we going to be to our clients [ and friends who try to glean useful bits of info from us – oops I am describing myself again.]

Certainly I feel happily confident that I can help others with the amazing benefits of tapping with EFT, but the list I would have to do to help myself , should wait till I have time. See what I mean!

And what is the reason for this attempt at  ‘releasing my stuff’ ‘ – why it’s jolly old  Christmas.  Ah the stresses of Christmas……You know,  perhaps if I could acknowledge that maybe I am just getting old and grumpy about Christmas, that might help.  But, as  I really don’t want to admit to that, I will just have to deal with the negatives so that I focus on the positives, otherwise I could carry this ‘irritation’ for a good few weeks!

Bye for now, will let you know if I manage the above…. and I could give you some phrases to help you get through the next few weeks, if anyone is remotely interested. Comment please and either I will sort myself out, or, sort myself out and help you too?!

I’m a Celebrity- Gillian needs EFT!

Saturday 20th Nov. 2010

I am working on a short blog  about EFT and how it enables phobias to be tackled and dealt with, sensibly.

This morning I realised that Gillian Mckeith may well be the person who brings EFT to the attention of the masses.  For that at least, I should be very thankful.  EFT could help her enormously, that is if she decides she could do with help!

Besides my totally negative reaction to Gillian earlier in the programme, I know that EFT will benefit clients who are sensible, aware and really interested in conquering their phobias, rather than half killing themselves in front of  an amused public who must be saying, ‘ Leave the programme and deal with your stuff sensibly,’  or words along that line!

She will undoubtedly be recommended to try  EFT by someone.  She will also be asked by many other therapists to try their chosen area of expertise.  I will now wait and see what all those ‘recognised experts’ say when asked how they could help her.  Wonderful marketing for them.  I will also be interested in her response.  She always seems to know what’s right, doesn’t she?  So, I’ll wait and see what ‘works for her.’

EFT on phobias to follow in a day or so, or when I stop overdoing my ‘juggling act’ –  you see, lots of us overdo things, ignore things and ‘beat ourselves with a stick’  even  when we know we shouldn’t.


EFT- focus phrases- your words are best

November 9th 2010 Here is an example of how EFT is used – recently Herb and I [Bobbingwide] got ‘shafted’ by another company. We were both annoyed, upset, angry and frustrated. The point is, when using EFT, a client taps on the energy meridians and focusses.   Now the reason I have been so blunt,  is that the focus phrase is best,  when it is the client’s words.   If the client felt that they had been cheated, then ‘cheated’ would be used.

If the client thought they needed to be more polite and said to the practitioner, ‘I feel angry because someone has been very unfair to me,’  BUT, they really felt that the words in their head were considerably stronger, then those are the words that need to be used – to speed up and help the issue.

Of course with all  areas of concern, it is not necessary to use very strong words,  only the words which best  describe, how, you feel.

Positive Thinking

It is vital that positive thoughts are encouraged, and sent out…….. Negative limiting thoughts and beliefs really get us nowhere…… It can take an effort – or even more than an effort- a huge effort if we feel sorry for ourselves or think we’re getting nowhere- but the feeling when things go well or achieving some success in whatever we are trying to do- is worth its weight in gold!

Meet me at Grovenor Casino – 3 Nov

31 Oct. 2010 Well a first time for everything, am participating at a Psychic/Therapy evening at Gunwharf Casino on Wed 3 Nov. 7.30pm. More details to follow- have to say I’m looking forward to it! Website – bit of tweaking and a couple of bits to add, but all in all – pleased

Childhood abusive trauma
You are a wonderful, kind and very empathetic practitioner and have helped me greatly. Guilt no longer weighs me down – no longer sad and unsure of who I am. 
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Paula Bishop
Susan clearly explained the EFT and Matrix process to me and led me through, step by step, always checking that what we were doing was suitable for me.
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