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Healing Health Holistically. Release and relieve effects of stress and trauma from mind and body.
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EFT Tapping Video Routines: Susan Cowe Miller

This video Taps to release Fear and Panic.

Here are more of my EFT Tapping Video Routines: Tapping for Parents, Helplessness, Anger, Stressed Fathers, Pregnant and stressed, Stressed Mothers of New Babies, Overwhelm, Be Kinder to Yourself and more.

The specific routines offer a quick fix so that you can get on with the rest of your day. These Videos are fantastically effective.

My specialist areas:

I work as a Health Coach. Lifestyle Prescription®

I offer 2 Day Retreats at my Bed and Breakfast in Rowlands Castle, Hampshire.

For deeper transformational change, please call: M: 07917 680967

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Chris Elmes
Thank you so much for talking to us about EFT – a subject which, pretty obviously, none of us had the first clue about!
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Paula Bishop
Susan clearly explained the EFT and Matrix process to me and led me through, step by step, always checking that what we were doing was suitable for me.
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