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Pregnant, anxious and stressed

An article and short video explaining and highlighting how EFT can benefit you and your unborn child. 

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) aka Tapping is a Self-Help tool to lower and manage anxieties, feelings of anger or unfairness, overwhelm, panic or fear.

Are you pregnant and troubled with anxiety?

  • Is your relationship with your partner in trouble?
  • Has your marriage broken down?
  • You have been left suddenly and must deal with the pregnancy yourself.
  • You are struggling with this situation and have very little emotional support.

Key point:

Your unborn child can sense trauma, shock and anxiety experienced by you. Your unborn child cannot disassociate from your feelings.

When you become pregnant, the baby growing inside you cannot disassociate from what you are feeling. Your feelings of shock, high stress or deep anxiety are transferred directly to your unborn child.  Months later when it is time for your child to be born it may enter into the world, believing subconsciously, that the world is a dangerous place. The baby may be anxious, difficult to settle. A cycle of new anxiety may be established.

(A child can take on ancestral patterns of behaviour and beliefs subconsciously; directly from you the mother. Often as adults we need to clear some ancestral beliefs and behaviours which we have inherited from our mother and before. Quite simply if they do not serve  why would we wish to keep them. We need to clear).

Be Mindful of Self-Care opportunities:

Techniques, strategies and working towards a better personal situation is empowering. When you feel better, your unborn child can sense this.

Benefits of learning EFT

It can help you to de-stress and therefore your unborn child will sense a positive change . You can feel more calm and in control; your baby will feel the same.

What happens during Tapping?

Crucially EFT works at 2 levels:

  1. Mindset Level
  2. Cellular Level.

We quieten and clear Mind Chatter; our Inner Voice. The voice some of us mistakenly think is correct and in charge of who and what we are. The Inner Voice which goes over and over our negative beliefs and anxieties. When we listen to that negative voice  we give these anxieties more and more power. We are confused because we think these beliefs and thoughts must be true.

But this Inner Voice can be hushed when we release the energy at Cellular Level .

How is negative blocked energy released?

Tapping Points

Tapping Points

We release the blocked energy- the feelings of stress and physical discomfort- by Tapping on specific Energy meridians in our body (Acupuncturist use needles to do this; we Tap). Very specifically we state

  • where we feel our discomfort.
  • describe its shape, size and colour.

The more specific we can be the better so that blocked energy/stress can be worked on and released.

We voice the specific fear we hear in our head and by combining Voicing and Tapping, we can release the blocked energy.  The charge is gone.

How long do I need to tap?

Five to ten minutes of Tapping can make significant improvements to how we feel. When we feel more calm and in control we are better fit to deal with our given situation.

EFT is practised and shared by Counsellors, Hypnotherapists, Doctors, Psychiatrists and more. Perhaps it’s time for you and your baby to benefit from Tapping?

For specific Tapping Routines please visit : My Tapping video routines.

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Website is Hampshire-EFT.

Susan is the author of the book Survive and Thrive after Trauma which shares many Therapeutic resources, her story and interviews.



Tapping Points

Tapping Points

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Thank you for all your information and resources.
Liz M. Havant Complementary Health Group
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Susan expertly guided me through the Matrix Reimprinting sessions; 3 to change past traumatic memories and 2 on future imprinting. I can honestly say that I know emphatically that everything will be okay.
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I have to say that I was really impressed with the whole experience and left feeling like my whole emotional well being had shifted up a notch or two.
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