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Healthy Living after December fun

Back on track

Cutting to the chase because quick and essential action is now taking place chez moi; Healthy Living, Healthy Eating after December fun. (and there was plenty of fun). Well how did I do in December?

The truth is that from the 2nd week in December I was only hoping, with great intention, that any damage would be sorted easily come January.

I ate and drank well. I did not weigh myself during December and will not weigh myself until mid to late January; fear is quite powerful as we all know. If I buggared it up I was intending to start some hard work during the first 2 weeks in January to make amends.

Key Point

If you work hard with a weight loss programme or any plan or scheme, and suspect that holidays or human weakness is going to slow things down short-term, then jumping right back on the saddle when the fun period is over can be all that is required.

My plan is to weigh myself in the middle of January with the desire and hope that I am back to where I was in early December.

Can I do it? (Fisherman at Quiberon)

Whilst I was indulging in life’s pleasures which included Christmas fun and House Sitting in Brittany where delicious food, wine, cheese are in abundance, I did continue to walk and cycle.

So my plan now is: back to the grindstone. Simples.

  • I have re-started Joe Wicks Lean in 15 (I now have all 3 books) to get me back in shape; solid hard work which should get me back into an easy and healthy living routine. I eat my evening meal by 6.45 and have re-established a less frequent alcohol consumption.

With regards to alcohol I sometimes do a dry January or an almost dry January. This year I will probably have an almost dry January and may partake in a glass of wine if I am out socialising. All done without angst; well that’s certainly the plan.

I do find working on a very work-focussed January gets me into February without guilt or overwhelm.

My January plan:

  • Grow my Holistic Emotional Healing practice highlighting Physical Health benefits.
  • House painting- rooms to be done.
  • BnB up and running again.

Back to Joe Wicks……these books are super.

How do they help with what I need?

Well I need

  • healthy living guidance
  • a regime which works for me and is not stupid or short-term
  • to go to the gym regularly and work out quite hard.
  • to keep accountable (otherwise I would slip quietly into those quick fix routines).

I have my weaknesses and need to keep accountable. I hope my reports have given you some laughs and guidance.

My next report will let you know how I got on.

A Very Happy and Prosperous New Year to you all

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