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Fathers get stressed too, an Audio

New fathers can feel stressed too. My short audio can help, inform, nurture new dads who are feeling stressed and questioning what coping remedies are out there for them.

”These little people can cause almighty havoc; they change family dynamics and often have lovely, strong and able fathers questioning their role in the new scheme of things……”

Perhaps you are

  • a first time father.
  • a father to a second family.
  • a father to a new baby in your family.
  • a father questioning where he fits in!

This audio may reassure you that you are not alone.  Five to ten minutes of EFT Tapping to lower and quieten feelings of stress and anxiety might be all that you need to keep on the right side of debilitating emotions. The confidence sapping emotions of anger, frustration, exasperation, loss, or just plain tiredness, which if not dealt with, can escalate and cause more serious situations to arise.

I reassure new dads that there is a simple way to deal with the inevitable stress of fatherhood using Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping). Have a listen.

Susan Cowe Miller Audio: Fathers can get stressed too

Top Tip: Our physical health improves when we recognise and deal with anxiety and stress held within the body.

To find out more please call for a chat Mobile: 07917 680967.

I have many Tapping video routines which you can find on YouTube/susancowemiller.

Tapping Points

My website is : Hampshire-EFT.


(This audio is part of Suzy Miller‘s work which supports Families when life takes its more stressful twists and turns).


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Susan expertly guided me through the Matrix Reimprinting sessions; 3 to change past traumatic memories and 2 on future imprinting. I can honestly say that I know emphatically that everything will be okay.
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