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Stressed at Work: 5 Tips for healthy eating and successful weight loss

Weight Loss success

Weight Loss success

Stressed at work? Need to shift some pounds and no time for healthy eating? Seems like Catch 22! Hopefully my 5 Tips for healthy eating will help.

It need not be a crisis though. This Autumn ’16 I finally found a window of opportunity to settle into a Healthy Eating and Exercise routine. I had avoided tidying up my act for a considerable time!

I am Self-Employed and can manage to stress or harass myself just fine!  I don’t need to work for someone else to do that. So, we are all equal with the same opportunities to sort ourselves out. I blogged about my journey at Autumn Weight Loss  in order to keep myself accountable.  Glitches will happen but you and I can get back on course pretty quickly if we have established some sort of routine; a routine which we are expecting to help and support us as we work through our planned regime.

Here is a video: Weight Loss Angst plus EFT Tapping routine

VideoWeight Loss Angst plus EFT Tapping routine. Ideal for those in the Workforce who are potentially overwhelmed or just needing a push to get back on track. 🙂

Why can’t I shift some pounds?

Do you:

    • Find it impossible to sit down and eat a decent meal?
    • Feel so stressed that eating is the last thing you want to do?
    • Grab something on the run when dealing with either the boss’s requests or your family’s demands?
    • Have to make a variety of foods for fussy children or partners and you just eat the left overs?
    • Have a stressful job and just cannot seem to eat at regular times?
    • Nibble all day?
    • Eat just fine 75% of the time and blow it at the weekend so that when you step on the scales on Monday you weigh just the same as last week?
    • Say -I come from a family who have always had to watch their weight?
Sea bass and delicious extras

Sea bass and delicious extras

5 tips to help regain a healthier lifestyle

      • Plan to make Healthy Eating achievable; do not decide one morning that you are going to have another go. That very sadly, doesn’t work!
      • Believe in you and that you deserve to be kinder to yourself. You may be doing a great job looking after others in your family, being an excellent member of staff, but useless at looking after you.
      • Be Mindful of the foods which are inappropriate for you to eat. Make a short list of the 6 main culprits- Booze can be included (I had to very Mindful of that one!)  Please glance over my blog posts highlighted  #autumnweightloss, which are #realworld and promote Joe Wick’s book ‘Lean in 15′.
      • Tell those around you that you need their support. I tell my husband when I am changing my routine and  he either adapts (more often than not because he enjoys the food offered) or manages.
      • To be cheerful, successful in your regime and confident avoid Self-Sabotage;  no sneaking into martyrdom mode please.   Don’t Stress, Plan for Success.

You have Choice

Put energy into choosing Healthy Food and Exercise options whenever possible. Learn to recognise, acknowledge and then move on from any Procrastination and Self-Sabotaging reasons which will jump in to try to screw you up.

I can’t lose weight angst: Time to work on your default belief system

I am a Holistic Emotional Healing practitioner  and I help clients to make changes in a belief system which has limitations which can affect success and confidence. e.g.

  • If a weight problem appears to run in the family it does not mean that you have the same problem.
  • If you have had past failures it does not mean that this next time will also end in failure.

Be Mindful of a Mindset or default belief system of

  • I can’t because
  • I won’t because
  • It’s just not possible because

It may be hereditary or instigated by past emotional upset or trauma. However it can be changed to a more positive belief system. After clearing the specific emotional stress held in the body which relates to a limiting belief, then a freedom to move on is yours. Confidence blossoms and success is more easily achievable.

Don't make it difficult

Don’t make it difficult

These 5 tips  for healthy eating and successful weight loss may appear simple. Let’s keep it simple!


  • You are in charge. Don’t Stress, Plan for Success.
  • Make good food choices.
  • Interval training exercises are recommended.
  • Ask for family support or at least an understanding from those close to you.
  • Look on the calendar for a window of opportunity.


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