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Autumn Weight Loss (Day 6) – Keeping Accountable

no-more-butsI started my Autumn Weight Loss regime about a week ago and have been blogging daily; reporting  ups and downs, offering facts, asking pertinent questions and sharing hints and tips. I am a Holistic practitioner. I help my clients to sort out emotional stumbling blocks and to reduce and clear stress and anxiety so that they

  • feel better
  • feel more confident
  • feel enthused, willing and able

to move on in their lives and to be open to joys, pleasures and success.


Key Point: Keeping accountable

Keeping accountable during a Healthy Eating Regime or Diet  is probably the most important thing that you can do. It tweaks Mindset, works to stop really naughty habits and helps in the whole change of lifestyle challenge .

If you are wishing, wanting, needing to make life changes then keeping accountable is essential to keep you on track. That’s why I am writing this blog.

Why might you avoid accountability?

  • You did not think it necessary.
  • You know you won’t carry it out.
  • You are naive about the strength of the Inner Critic/Mind Chatter saboteur.

This time I am keeping accountable. Ok. Big deal- one whole week into a healthier eating, drinking and fitness regime, but at least I am trying my best.  I also enjoy Blogging and sharing my experiences as seen on my website Hampshire-EFT.

Girl Talk

Yesterday a Facebook friend contributed some useful information to the Post about Friday Night Curry  re- syn-free curry and other ready made food. Apparently Iceland has teamed up with Slimming World and has produced a variety of syn-free food options.

My own particular issue around Friday night curry is that it is an enjoyable ritual much instilled within my Pleasure Zone Psyche; a treat, chill time, zone out, switch off, have fun.  Two maybe three glasses of wine in The Castle Inn or The Robin Hood, listen to music in The Fountain and then a take-Away Curry. But I  rose to the occasion, behaved like a grown up, did not have the Take-Away and it was all fine.

Day 6, Saturday

I had a fairly quiet day to myself and I got on with the bits and pieces of chores which can niggle if left on the back burner.

That suited me just fine.

I spent time making a decision about a trip to Malta; so that’s sorted. Yippee!

And out of the blue we have been provisionally accepted for a House Sit in Cornwall for 4 weeks over December and January. We are members of Trusted House Sitters and have Sat and had Sitters.The positive email to me was a bit of a surprise. I had mentioned the potential Sit in passing to Herb on Friday night, sent off a show of interest and we had a reply early Saturday.

Now a quandry. Gut feel is ‘ Oh it’s probably a bit too long.  A month, in a place in Cornwall which is actually just wherewe’d love to go, but…..four weeks!

A decision will be made by tomorrow I expect.

What I ate today.

Breakfast: My usual: Dry porage oats, a good mix of fresh fruit and natural yogurt. As I was hungry I went on to have a boiled egg and a small piece of toast. Joe Wicks ‘Lean in 15′  suggests care with carbs, and suggests eggs are basically fine for breakfast.

Treat: Nothing required.

Lunch:  Smoked salmon, lemon, mayo and a good go at the lettuce. Topped with bit of grated cheese.

Treat: a bit of celery with peanut butter (Curves Food Management has celery and peanut butter as a mid meal snack).

Dinner; Duck Stir Fry from Joe Wick’s book. Duck fillet sliced fairly finely, brocolli, courgette, chopped ginger, sesame oil, soya sauce, quinoa. Lovely!

Beverage: I meant to say that I’ve been having Sparkling Water with ice and a slice.


I canWhat  can truly get in your way besides lack of conviction?

Just deciding to change your mind about something BIG is often not enough. Old patterns of behaviour, ancestral patterns of behaviour handed down graciously from past generations, general day to day life can all slap you around and make any decision difficult to live up to. Often therapeutic intervention needs to be undertaken to help alter or clear an old ingrained in the psyche pattern of behaviour.

This is why I love my EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique Work) Tapping and therapies grown from an EFT base, all based around a simple principle; How to Feel Better.

Till tomorrow.


Susan Cowe Miller.

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