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Go gently into holiday mode or retirement

Go gently

Go gently

Go gently into holiday mode or retirement.


SLOW DOWN IS GOOD, SUDDEN STOP IS NOT. Unwind gradually during a holiday and plan your retirement.

If you are used to

  • living a fairly stressful life in the fast lane
  • not taking much care to slow down
  • know that your intuitive self is really shouting at you to slow down

then your body often forces you to slow down or STOP in one way or another; perhaps some weird or unexpected accident may happen which forces a slow down.


To make drastic or sudden change is not a great move either; a slow transformation is required.

Those who channel much into their day, their life, their career need to unwind slowly just like a prime athlete. We’ve all heard the stories of

  • Just started my holiday and the same old, same old, health issue reared its head.
  • Someone ready to enjoy retirement and then health issues unfold; sometimes calamitous.

The action of relaxation, of winding down or doing nothing requires thought and planning!

Your body will have adapted to the stress you have put it through and when you make a reasonable change of pace to your routine, your self-same body can then grasp an opportunity to mend.  Perhaps you can feel poorly, or much worse. Most of us certainly don’t like or care for the physical signs when our body goes into repair mode; but that repair work needs  to be done and it will happen at some point.

Your body can take time to mend and heal when

  • you relax during a holiday.
  • you feel as if you are on holiday  e.g. when experiencing a quiet spell at work.
  • you retire.

That is why I suggest not going from one extreme to the other i.e. full on work mode (which often seems totally unavoidable) to 14 days sitting on the beach, reading, sipping your favourite tipple; doing very little else. Some form of balance is required; sounds simple but often difficult to achieve.

Physical and emotional health connection

Feelings of stress, anxiety, anger, frustration, disappointment, low confidence are all detrimental to your physical health.  So if you take time to value your physical health then I am also suggesting that you need to have an appreciation that your emotional health plays a key part. 

We are constantly told to slow down and most of us don’t listen. Some fall by the wayside, some don’t. But slowing down and feeling less stressed allows your physical health to keep up with you.

I have a keen interest, good basic knowledge and respect for the frighteningly large connection between our emotions and our health.


90%+ of our negative emotional stress dictates our physical health. Illness, big illness and disease are closely related to how we live with the stress in our life.

When clients come and see me…

A client will come in, say a few words and more than likely mention their physical health. Fairly quickly within an initial session I have a heads up on how to question my client and begin to reach some small resolution to the problem. Recognising the emotional core connection is a good first step.

A belief running at a deep sub-conscious level needs discovered and released. We can self-analyse till the cows come home but working with a skilled practitioner is one of the correct remedies.

Check out my website: Hampshire-EFT


EFT aka Tapping and Meta Health can work together like a partnership made in heaven. Stress can be lowered and questioning about specific emotions can be quickly targeted. There is a very specific link between the illness, discomfort or concern, and the emotion behind it.


Second guessing is of no real use because the emotional and physical connection is at subconscious level; second guessing probably won’t really help unless of course you know about this subject, can work intuitvely (not analytically) and  appreciate that there is a connection.


We are all grateful because we are so very clever; we can cure very many health problems.

But for goodness sake!

What causes them in the first place? We frequently ask ‘How much time and money is being spent on mental health issues and aspects of that in our society?’

The pharmaceuticals rule- don’t they? But I digress.

Should you wish to read up on the mind/body/social connection to physical health here is a Meta Health link.

So remember:

  • Be kinder to yourself
  • Take time to slow down
  • Do not make drastic changes
  • Plan retirement carefully

Be aware of health issues that are recurring. Working alongside the medical  practitioner with a skilled therapeutic practitioner tweaking or clearing, is a great combination. I know many highly skilled Meta Health practitioners if deep resolution is desired.

What you might find useful?

I made this Tapping routine video, with additional explanation, to work alongside this post. The routine is called ‘Be Kinder to Yourself’.

My vanity makes me tell you that I did about 5 takes for this video with my new camera. I still haven’t found the correct eye contact place. HOWEVER, I have gotten over myself and out of my own way. The video is for you, not me; it’s not perfect but the tapping and tips can be useful.

Also an article, (Point 4 of article: ‘So that’s why you always get a cold on holiday! Think summer breaks recharge your batteries? Think again’) from The Daily Mail which highlights what I have been sharing with you.


Have a ball on any holiday you are lucky to have.

Embrace retirement believing you deserve it.

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