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Divorce and Relationship Stress

Divorce and relationship stress

When a relationship breaks down you may feel broken, angry, sad or struggle with an extremely negative feeling which is or certainly can feel justified.

Move on from divorce

Move on from divorce

However when divorce proceedings are taking place some sense of calm is beneficial. Those big decisions you make or agree to will be in place for a considerable time. Very often children’s futures are under consideration too, so having a sense of clarity and managing to keep anxiety and overwhelm under control, will help you to work through the whole process.

With time and effort you can choose to move on after emotional trauma; why stay stuck and miss out on other wonderful life opportunities?

What can help during this time?

EFT at basic level offers you a self-help tool which can help to manage those very unsettling feelings of anxiety and overwhelm.

Here is a blog post which is worth a look. Stressed or emotionally challenged? Points to consider.

At a deeper level working with a practitioner can help you to understand patterns of behaviour, trigger reactions or deep anxiety which you sense comes from somewhere else.  If the woo woo talk unsettles you, all I really mean is that together we can work to release and manage those horrible anxieties and confusions, so that the divorce process appears much less daunting.

Perhaps you still struggle with

  • feelings of stuckness; an inability to move on.
  • a fear that you don’t deserve love, or
  • a dread that no-one will love you.
  • a sense that you will never, EVER trust again.

All understandable and realistic,  at the time!

How can I help?

1. My Home Study programme I’m Ready to Move On takes you on a journey of self-discovery. You gain an understanding of your emotions and the beliefs attached to them.

If you have

  • a sense of frustration
  • a feeling of stuckness
  • a desire to move on

then this programme offers you insight and a release from the past. The programme is structured, comprehensive and you have audio and video support throughout; you work at your own pace from your own home. I invite you to take a look.

2. My EFT and Matrix reImprinting information offer immediate solutions to lowering those unhelpful feelings of stress and anxiety. The feelings which drag you down and can cause

  • Mind Chatter nonsense to take charge.
  • self-sabotaging patterns of low self-worth, low self-belief and poor self-confidence to prevail.

Here are explanatory blogs about EFT and Matrix reImprinting.

  1. The simplest cure to feel less stressed:Tapping Routine included.
  2. Simple Matrix reImprinting fundamentals.

Videos and blog posts are available to help you right now. YouTube/susancowe

3. I am an Emotional Healing/Stress Managing Specialist on Suzy Miller‘s Starting Over Show. Suzy shares very valuable information, guidance and has a team of specialists who offer Legal, Financial and Wellbeing support to those going through divorce.

Key points within the Starting Over Show are

  • how to avoid children being adversely affected during divorce and relationship break up.
  • benefiting from the Living Together Agreement which is  set up so that you can feel secure when embarking on a new relationship.

4. My related Blog Posts.

5. I have walked the walk and written my book Survive and Thrive after Trauma.

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Find out how I can help you to better manage the stresses and anxieties of divorce, and how a sense of growing confidence can be felt as you move on to the next step in Life’s Journey.

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