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Interview with Kevin Arrow of Sark eMedia

In January I took part and completed the Sark eMedia 30 Day Blog Challenge.  It needed done and as a prize I earned being interviewed by Kevin Arrow; I sneaked in nice and early when a space became available. Very opportune.

Have a listen:

My Interview with Sark eMedia’s Kevin Arrow.

Sark eMedia graduate

Sark eMedia graduate

Added benefit of listening!

Besides listening to me sharing my therapy work you can pick up vital information about blogging, from a specialist!

We discuss the advantages, challenges and real benefits you can achieve when you are testing yourself and are fairly far out of your comfort zone.

Social Media exposure is vital to entrepeneurs; we want and need to be seen and heard, so this opportunity arrived just as I was ready for it. I was aware that I needed to up my game or, just continue to be irked by

  • my lack of blogging knowledge.
  • any real appreciation of potential benefits.
  • feelings of  angst when my next Newsletter was due.


The first and main learning is that I have only touched the tip of the iceberg by blogging consecutively for 30 days. The information Sarah Arrow shares in her daily emails offers me the opportunity for much more beneficial learning.

This was a free challenge and the timing was just right for me. January is a quiet month and I do lots of learning and playing at writing during this time. In Summer I enjoy outside activities which I manage around work and play.

What you can do

If you know that your blogging skills need attention then have a go at this challenge.(Link above)

And if you procrastinate please check out my Home Study programme: Stop procrastinating, Start doing!

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