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Stressed teenagers: a first step to reduce anxiety

Mental /Emotional Health is receiving plenty publicity this week and that’s great.

Stress and teenagers - coral flower

Stress among teenagers is and should be a hot topic.

A young woman who suffers from anxiety attacks was interviewed this morning on TV. She reported that while waiting for NHS support she discovered that there is much on offer out there which people can experiment with as a first step to reducing their anxiety.

Here is a super graphic which offers much information Stress among teenagers.

Stress, mental and emotional health is an area which needs constant highlighting.

We can and do decry the NHS system and something needs to be done; apparently money is going to be allocated, and that’s great too. Let’s watch that space.

So many people unfortunately are unaware that there are accessible tools and techniques for self-help treatment. These supportive tools facililtate a reduction in stress and anxiety for those with low to middle stress related challenges. Pills, counsellors, mainstream fixes all help thank God but there is so much more out there.

I am not writing about those suffering from acute anxiety. I appreciate that it’s fairly impossible for someone feeling intensely low to want to make any effort to discover what is available; a vicious circle of non-resolution for a crippling disease or emotionally challenging situation.

Finding the cause

Having a cure to our ails is great and seriously-thank you very much for it but perhaps it’s time for a lot more of us to find out the cause of our anxiety. If we don’t find the cause the circle of stress just repeats; the circle of  same old, same old, physical ill health just repeats too.

The buck stops with the individual feeling the emotional pain (unless a child or teenager for whom you have responsibility of course)  It might seem justifiable to place the blame on others however we need to put in the work ourselves to ease our given situation.

Welcome help

Emotional Help/Healing needs to be something which is not feared. You need not feel embarrassed.

Embarassment can kill. We are in a modern age but the primevel fears still abound. e.g.

  • You don’t want the neighbours to know.
  • It’s a sign of weakness.
  • I’m supposed to be strong.

Those beliefs and assumptions which we all make, have or imagine, hold intense power.

Key Point:

A child or teenager does not carry as much emotional baggage as an adult. Adults cart about much baggage. But teenagers have had less time to dwell on the issues so they are in a much better place to find release and when they unravel and find that clearance, they move on.

My Tapping Video: a first step to reducing anxiety

I wish to re-post my YouTube video: EFT Tapping to reduce stress and anxiety.

My message is simple:

EFT can be highly beneficial in lowering, managing and clearing stress and anxiety related issues.

EFT works at 2 levels:

  1. As a self-help tool you can lower and manage stress and anxiety for all emotionally challenging issues.
  2. Working deeply with a practitioner can help you to uncover the WHY you are feeling in that state of anxiety.

You can achieve resolution and walk through life more confidently with a sense of freedom which can feel truly wonderful.

My video is three years old and could perhaps look a little more professional. But the message, suggestion of words, the technique and the potential room for benefit will not change.

Benefits and additional resourses

So a little bit of a rant, but for those struggling with anxiety related issues which can then impact on physical health, there is much out there which offers help in the journey to

  • feeling more confident.
  • feeling better.
  • having a desire to get out there and to live life
  • an improvement in all round physical and emotional health.

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Thanks to Dyla Rosli for the Infogram.

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