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6 easy ways for a new mother to feel less stressed (2)

Section Two:

  • Once mum (and dad) feel more relaxed and confident, baby has an odds on chance to feel the same.
  • Babies are born innocent, they have no agenda only needs which should be addressed.
  • Tools, Links and Suggestion to manage when you don’t think you’ve got a life!

Growth and expectation

Growth and expectation

Section One:

  1. New baby, Toddler, Parenthood, Motherhood and having a life!

2. A story: George starting school and a mother’s trust.


6 Easy ways for new mothers to feel less stressed, but before we get there

Your baby or toddler is a little bundle of energy with needs; born innocent and pure with no hidden agenda. If your baby’s needs are addressed, this huge learning experience can have more moments of delight than moments of tearing your hair out.

Remember too that babies and toddlers learn from mum and dad from the very beginning;  not just when they can speak or conform to how you wish them to behave.

Bundle of energy: Think the womb

When your baby is in the womb he/she senses your emotional state. If you are

  • calm, happy and relaxed this transfers to the foetus.
  • stressed, in an unhappy relationship, traumatic challenges going on; this transfers to the foetus. (see recommended links below).

We are all energy, living in an energetic field and if we can change any negative emotional energy to a positive energy- it’s a win, win for all.

A stressed out mother

If you are a new mother even with the best support system, you can feel a whole variety of emotions e.g. worry, anxiety, moments of joy, feelings of tiredness.

If you are the mother of that bundle of fun called a toddler, you too will have moments of wildly swinging emotions.

Try to recognise these emotions for what they are. Accept them and take a moment to quieten or to enjoy.

These challenging moments could be:

  • My mother’s suggestions aren’t working!  (times and situations change and who really listened to their mother anyway?!) Don’t beat yourself over that one, OR, actually appreciate that she may be sharing something very useful.
  • I want to get him/her into a good sleeping routine. (Well! that’s a good one to cause weeks and months of anxiety) Perhaps consider that a good routine can become broken occasionally but it usually corrects itself quickly too.

Hormones up the creek without a paddle?

Find ways to

  • feel better
  • manage stress and anxiety.
  • find the enjoyment you imagined you would feel
  • ease frustration
  • quieten that Inner Bitch Voice
  • lessen feelings of low self-confidence and poor self-belief

can be tackled with little adjustments; it does not need to involve huge effort.

Key Point:

Once mum is happy and relaxed, baby has an odds on chance to be the same. So if the mother seeks resolution to any anxiety, the positive result and energetic vibration transfers to baby or child. Often the baby will sleep better, feed better, be more content.

** This transference of positive energy  to your child can occur all through your role as a parent!** No pressure then!

Here are the tips, links and suggestions

A holistic approach is fantastic but that prospect may add to Overwhelm. Perhaps choose an area which appears easy; do something you fancy:

Diet, Exercise, Stress Management, Organisation, Spiritual benefit, Mindfulness, Meditaion and Visualisation.

 A good nutritional diet

Sometimes an improved nutrition programme can make a huge difference to how you feel. It can sharpen you up, make you feel less tired. Convenience food has its place too; SuperWoman status is ideally not achievable when you are a new mother or you have a toddler who won’t sleep.


  1. Sleep Issue – The Three Day Nanny . Interesting and uncomfortable watching; ideal to look at!
  2. Good food ideas to brighten your day: The Fermented Foody

Sarah Jackson’s Facebook page is bright, cheerful with some gorgeous food ideas. I am not suggesting you have to ferment food. I don’t but one day I might. Just take a look and use or adapt ideas from the page. I think they are gluten free too.


Get your heart and lungs moving; raise those endorphins. Finding time to do some exercise helps you mentally and physically.


  1. I recently heard Lorraine Kelly chatting about her DVD ‘Living to the Max‘.- ‘Work out, get fit and have fun doing it’. Ideal for those who have the opportunity to do this at home.
  2. Check out your local gym: they may have a creche.

Stress and anxiety issues

You want to feel confident and in control but sometimes self-doubt creeps in and debilitating feelings of stress, anxiety, overwhelm, frustration, low self-confidence, anger , depression, an endless list can present and cause problems.

You have to acknowledge the situation, address it, stop struggling and seek help or advice.

I work with many tools and techniques all excellent in lowering, managing and clearing stress. I specialise in EFT aka Tapping and Matrix reImprinting.

You can have a Self-Help tool literally at your fingertips. If the issues go deeper then working  1-1 with a skilled practitioner can help you shift those negative feelings.

Here are some articles explaining the techniques.

Simplest cure to feel less stressed

Tapping routine: a quick fix to feel better.

EFT aka Tapping to relieve feelings of stress and anxiety 

Simple Matrix reImprinting fundamentals: Section One

Simple Matrix reImprinting fundamentals: Section Two

Simple Matrix reImprinting fundamentals: Section Three

Heart Math Breathing to control panic attacks

Sharon King’s book:  Heal Your Birth, Heal Your Life. ( Link to-Babies in the womb)

Check out my website Hampshire-EFT or call me for a chat Mobile: 07917 680967.

Good organisation

Simple management and coping stategies will help you through the day. If you can’t see the wood for the trees then

  • make a short ‘To Do’ list the night before.
  • have one activity or reward that is just for you; baby or toddler can be with you but Be Kind to Yourself.
  • work as a team with your husband or partner.
  • speak up because if you don’t say what you need, then the other person will just not know.
  • make time for you and your partner; the opportunity will present itself.

Being Mindful and Mind Calm

I have studied Sandy Newbigging’s  ‘Mind Calm’ and I love it. There is much to learn and appreciate; exercises to help quieten your busy thinking and mind chatter.

Mindfulness is a great and successful buzz word and which has gained much respect and kudos.I do not know too much as I feel satisifed personally with Mind Calm.

Mindfulness is a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations.”

In my mind being mindful helps you to avoid or recognise the self-sabotage behaviour which can absolutely screw up your plans, hopes and dreams. I run Workshops on ‘How to avoid Self-Sabotage’.


When searching for a good link I came across this please click here. It really appealed so I’ll be trying it out too. If you try it and its good:Please leave a comment!

Spiritual Awareness

A world of wonder, appreciation and beauty. I work intuitively. I allow things to fall into place (even though I may sometimes be hyper keen to have them happen- NOW!)

I have not given links. You will discover what you need to discover; send out an Intention to learn and grow.



For those times when your baby or toddler seems

  • too demanding
  • over tired and difficult
  • to be too attached to you

Remember that this time is short and precious.

Call to Action:

to find out if Energy and Emotional Healing could help you to move on in your life.

Specialist areas: Divorce and Relationship issues, Fertility and Mother/Child relationships, Emotional Trauma. Susan is the author of Survive and Thrive after Trauma.


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