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Simple Matrix reImprinting fundamentals (3)

Section Three: What happens during a Matrix reImprinting session?

Simple Matrix reImprinting fundamentals

Simple Matrix reImprinting fundamentals

Section One:  (1) Who developed M.R.? (2) How does Matrix reImprinting differ from EFT? (3)Old memories which do not serve.

Section Two: The role of the practitioner.

In Section Three:

I share a straight forward example with a general explanation. Every client is unique therefore working intuitively is important, otherwise it would be a prescriptive routine for everyone.

My wish and belief:

I wish that many more people could be open to, or be given an opportunity to experience therapeutic tools and techniques. The effects can be quite profound helping both emotionally and physically.


My aim as a practitioner is to facilitate and guide clients in the process of transformation from a place of anxiety and fear, to a place of positive expectation with renewed confidence.

What happens:

The client’s emotional challenge is treated with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique aka Tapping) to lower the stressful feelings. The particular issue is rated in strength from 0 – 10. Once the client has managed to reduce the intensity of the feelings, let’s say to a number 5, then reImprinting work can begin.

Many Matrix reImprinting (M.R.) practitioners work in the Matrix (the intuitive place where the client’s memory has taken them) with clients as quickly as possible.

Why go there as soon as possible?

Because working intuitively without analysing, allows flow; the client can find resolution often quite quickly.


Once EFT has reduced anxiety levels the client is asked if he/she can see the incident or memory clearly.

The practitioner sugggests ways the client can keeep safe and separate from his/her Echo.

The Echo

  • has experienced this.
  • knows exactly what happened.
  • knows exactly what is required to ease the situation.

The Echo took on a belief that day e.g.

The world is not a safe place: e.g. consider being involved in a car accident, being hurt playing a game, getting lost one day.

I am not good enough: e.g. your friends are cleverer than you, your sister/brother achieved more, mummy didn’t love you enough therefore you don’t deserve to be loved.

I don’t deserve: e.g. as above, I messed up and was punished therefore…….

I need to be perfect: e.g. I was only shown love when I was a good girl/boy, I was hugged when I succeeded.

Misinterpreted beliefs are very common and offer enormous Light Bulb Moments for a client. Big emotional trauma is a whole other matter of course.

It is stated that all inherent core beliefs are well and truly in place by under 6 years old. Some believe that these beliefs and expectations are in place from conception, and some accept that we carry ancestral beliefs too. These beliefs may not be relevant today.

The practitioner suggests asking The Echo (the younger Self) what was happening.

e.g. Who is in the picture? What is happening? How does she feel?

The client is asked to gently introduce themselves to their Echo; this may be acceptable or not acceptable to the Echo. Careful work is required..

The Younger Self, the Echo may be very young and when asked what she needs to feel better, the answer is usually very straight forward and simple.

For example: she wants mummy, daddy, or whoever, she wants a hug, to be told everything is all right.

And that is fine.

We are working with an energetic field. It doesn’t matter if it is not a truth. The resulting positive feeling within the client allows freedom of thought and movement, for the future.

The client’s new picture of the incident is then reImprinted; a process of almost meditative visualisation is experienced.

Ways to enhance reImprinting

  • Taking the issue to the Light

If the Echo memory is not from childhood, sometimes taking The Issue to a place of Light allows clarity, understanding and resolution.

  • Using colour

Adding a colour to the reImprinting offers natural intuitive enhancement to the process.

The result:

The subconscious takes on a new reality.

The old memory which was often retriggered by general life situations, is cleared.

Remember! the subconscious does not know right from wrong, true from false: it is we who run our own stories, and we who strengthen those negative stories.

But with Matrix reImprinting we can now shift the negative message to a good and positive picture. An energetic change has taken place.


Once an individual has decided that change is required, discussing with a close friend or relation is usually not enough to facilitate the shift. Too much emotional baggage has accumulated. It’s time to call the expert(s).

A Matrix reImprinting practitioner will assist you on the transformational journey. They know that you hold the key.


to find out if Energy and Emotional Healing could help you to move on in your life.

Specialist areas: Divorce and Relationship issues, Fertility and Mother/Child relationships, Emotional Trauma. Susan is the author of Survive and Thrive after Trauma.





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