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Simple Matrix reImprinting fundamentals: (2)

Section Two:
    • The role of the practitioner
    • How many sessions are required?

Simple Matrix reImprinting fundamentals

Simple Matrix reImprinting fundamentals

Section One : Simple Matrix reImprinting fundamentals

I mention Karl Dawson the creator of Matrix reImprinting (M.R.), I explain how M.R. differs from EFT (Tapping), and  I offer information about the powerful and influential subconscious brain.

Working in the Matrix


  • To improve client confidence, self-belief, self-worth and self-esteem

The role of the practitioner

A skilled practitioner is like a guide. He or she knows you are on a journey of self-discovery and will help you to reach your expected destination.

As with any journey, sometimes

  • it is not as smooth as one would like.
  • it is a joyous and insightful ride with fascinating discovery
  • it is eventful in ways you wouldn’t believe.
  • you may choose to turn back.
  • you want to rush to get to the end.

On such a journey you desire, deserve and need a skilled guide. You probably achieve this best by reading recommendations, listening to word of mouth opinions, or just good old serendipidy. With such a journey, serendipity is often the way; it just happens.

The practitioner guides you, listens to you, hears what you are not saying. She asks what those silences, gasps and change in tone might mean to you.; ask what popped into your head.

And that WHAT which popped into your head, might just hold a key to weaving your way to the end of the self-discovery journey.


The client may have, let’s say 3 possible reactions to the what!

  1. They are not going there! (because of fear, embarrasment, guilt- who knows! Often much work is done before a client has the confidence to work with that early fundamental point of relevance).
  2. They have no idea what the what is all about.(buried deeply perhaps and more unpeeling of layers is required).
  3. ‘The what’ seems totally insignificant to the process. (too small to be that important. These are very often highly relevant though, and once more an opportunity is lost until it presents at a later point.

Intuitive practitioners can redirect a client to a key moment that offered opportunity for progress . However it is a fine balance as this whole process is built on trust, client and practitioner intuition and a sincere intention not to speed a delicate process.

The client should in my opinion, be made aware that those little and seemingly insignificant pictures and thoughts which pop into their head, be not dismissed as trivia. They are often very important.

I think that many clients would prefer 1-1 experiences with their practitioner but Skype and telephone sessions work just as successfully.

Is one session enough?

There are many answers to this question and fundamentally it depends on:

  • the client and his/her expectation.
  • the client’s understanding of the whole process.
  • the client’s motives  e.g. Is the cost important? Are they able to carry on with their own healing?

However one session is really just an extended taster in many ways. A general recommendation is a mimimum of 6 sessions.

In conclusion:

When a client seeks resolution to emotional challenges, confidence levels can rise quickly. An inherent self-belief is gently restored; we were all born innocent and pure. Elements of this can once again be felt and nurtured. Matrix reImprinting offers the opportunity for confidence and self-belief to grow.

In Section 3 I will describe the reImprinting process.

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