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Simple Matrix reImprinting fundamentals

  • Part 1: As a holistic practitioner working in the field of stress and anxiety, I use a variety of powerful and transformational techniques which
  • offer surprise to a frequently negative belief system
  • can change to troublesome limiting behaviours

Transform your beliefs, Transform your Life

Transform your beliefs, Transform your Life

I specialise in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique aka Tapping) and Matrix reImprinting (MR). MR evolved from EFT and is the icing on the cake. It is a remarkable therapeutic treatment much praised by many Energy and Emotional Healing practitioners.

Karl Dawson developed Matrix reImprinting

Karl is one of only 28 EFT Masters and now trains M.R. to many EFT therapists. He is joint author, with Kate Marillat, of the latest M.R. book  Transform Your Beliefs, Transform Your Life.

How is Matrix reImprinting different from EFT?

  1. EFT lowers, manages and can clear stress and anxiety held in the body. It works by tapping on meridian points to reduce emotional intensity from a past memory. Click to find out more: EFT aka Tapping.
  2. Matrix ReImprinting can go further. It can potentially transform a negative memory or a limiting pattern of behaviour; it offers a new reality.
Key Point:

The subconscious part of our brain does not know right from wrong, true from false. So we can if you like, trick it into believing something different. Something which does not restrict or limit future success or happiness, wealth or good health.

Did you know?

The subconscious brain is very powerful. It acts as protection and it kicks in to warn/trigger us when we may be tackling something which caused us upset in the past. It will retrigger old memories and feelings of unease which may make us feel e.g. angry, sad, fearful. Most of those memories do not serve today. Weeks, months or years may have passed since the particular trauma, upset or misunderstood words were heard, but a negative belief was emplanted.  So we go into the memory, the Echo of our younger self and work intuitively to change the negative belief into a positive new reality.

The Echo?

Your Echo knows exactly what happened that day.  Details, words, actions are imprinted in the brain. Repeadedly thinking about it and Inner Voice chatter all increase the power of the upset.

Can you perhaps appreciate that your perception of the event may have changed, adapted? Can you therefore appreciate that you may be blocking the potential for better and that redundant behaviour and beliefs can be cleared.


**a memory or emotional block can be so deeply rooted and hidden that actual details are not clear or remotely appreciated or understood. ** (Working with a practitioner is recommended for all levels of desired transformation).

A past trauma potentially holds the key to uncovering the Core Belief which was learned at the time of distress. e.g.

  • I am not good enough
  • I am not worthy
  • I don’t deserve
  • I must be perfect

Finding the core belief takes work! Practitioner help is required. Easing through layers of memories, takes time. But the resulting transformation can be profound. Most of us think we can work things out at a conscious level of thinking. In reality the subconscious is the driver of our behaviour.

The subconscious part of our brain is working with us about 90% of the time. Our conscious brain is only thought to be responsible for 10% of our decisions, assumptions and conclusions.

Matrix reImprinting offers a positive future.

In Part 2 I will cover:

  • Benefits of Matrix reImprinting
  • A demonstration 0f Matrix reImprinting
  • Being an assistant at Karl’s training
  • Working intuitively

and more.


To find out more please .

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Liz Merritt
We all enjoyed your talk immensely,so thank you!
Thank you for all your information and resources.
Liz M. Havant Complementary Health Group
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Rachel – Psychology graduate
I was quite surprised with my session of EFT, and especially the Matrix Reimprinting which I hadn't experienced before.
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Paula Bishop
Susan clearly explained the EFT and Matrix process to me and led me through, step by step, always checking that what we were doing was suitable for me.
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