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The simplest cure to feel less stressed

An EFT Tapping routine: a quick fix to make you feel better

Tapping Points

Tapping Points

This post is aimed at you if you are feeling extreme anxiety:

  • I’ve lost control
  • I am really stressed
  • I’ve f….. up
  • I need to get it together
And for those less stressed with feelings of:
  • I’ve things to do and I can’t focus
  • Oops Overwhelm looming
  • Anger  bubbling
  • Frustration kicking in
  • I wish I felt better
This simple routine will help because:
  • it lowers anxiety
  • you will feel better
  • you’ve a chance to manage the given situation
  • the rest of your day should improve
  • feelings of cheesed off ness can evaporate
How much time will it take?

This routine can be done in 10 minutes; it can be done in 5 minutes. You can feel a lowering of stress and anxiety in under that. (It’s a quick fix- more information at the end of post).

My recommendation:

Take 10 minutes in a quiet space, focus, breathe and allow the changes in sensation to be felt. Revisit when necessary throughout the day if the issue is causing deep panic or anxiety. Do, as and when, if issues are moderate in intensity.

Why should I learn to tap?

Perhaps your emotional challenge(s) are making you feel:

  • physically sick or stunned
  • blinkered to any solution; head full of cotton wool
  • as if nothing is happening or changing
  • overwhelmed with responsibility
  • that you have no time to do the job in hand

If you can appreciate the phenomenal benefits of EFT to lower the stress intensity then you can experience huge relief from those often crippling sensations. Just imagine how those stresses are affecting your physical health ??? LINK

So here’s the link!

Tapping Routine: A quick fix to feeling better

In conclusion

This routine offers a quick fix. It is a self-help tool literally at your fingertips. You can do this anywhere, anytime. No-one need know! e.g.fingertip points can be done discreetly under the table at a meeting.

Or do what one of my CancerWise clients does;  if anxious he taps wherever he is and does not care. He also uses HeartMath Breathing.

Tapping benefits physical health and is highly effective for your mental/emotional health.

What a quick fix EFT session won’t do

Tapping for a quick fix will not stop you reacting in the same way, with the same reactions and behavioural traits once you have been re-triggered. Your limiting behaviour  traits are hard wired into your psyche.

Your belief system, your trigger reaction is yours. It is in place from a past incident you experienced, a horrrible trauma, or a situation you misunderstood because you were very young when it happened.

In the present moment your subconscious kicks in to remind you that something is happening; it wants to keep you safe. But you are working from a PAST incident which probably does not serve you today.

If you want to examine your anxiety or stress challenges more deeply to clear the core issue then working with a skilled practitioner is required. Most of us need the assistance of another to help us shift our stuff.

In my opinion

The Tapping routine I have shared is a standard routine. The instructions are simple and will help you to succeed without confusion.

Some people sell routines and many of those prescriptive bought routines are not finely tuned for your issues. There is plenty free stuff to find online. (Please do not compare a simple routine like this to working 1-1; that is a whole different ball game). Gary Craig who developed EFT wanted it to be free to all.

You are unique. Happy Tapping

To find out more 

Susan specialises in Divorce Challenges, Mother/Child and Fertility Issues.


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