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Tapping routine: a quick fix to feel better

 An EFT Tapping routine to help you lower and manage stress whether acute or at irritation level.

Tapping Points

Tapping Points


Stress and Anxiety are triggered by an event, specific words or a memory from the past.  Tapping can help to lower stress levels. To discover the core reason for this limiting pattern of behaviour it is recommended to work with a qualified practitioner who can help you to clear the issue.

Before you start
  • Consider the issue
  • Where do you feel it in your body?
  • Describe the feeling. Is it e.g. sharp, squiggy, dull?
  • Has it a colour or size?

All these specifics make it easier to release the internalised stress because the description felt at cellular level, is true to you. Change the words as you see fit.

Top Tip:

If you get stuck and sense that the number or stress levels are still very high

    • You are not saying words which are true to the situation.
    • Be really specific e.g. this ‘irritating, blind panic, or, this deep irritation, or, this restricting behaviour’.

Tapping Routine to lower stress and anxiety


Start Tapping Karate Point and say 3 times

Even though I feel so stressed (or so frightened, or so fearful, or so shit scared about ………… (the issue)

I love and accept myself as best I can today.

(change this to whatever you are comfortable with; you will know when you are ready to change it

Tapping Points

Top of Head: This stress

Corner of Eye: This stress when I think about…….

Side of Eye: This deep stress

Under Eye: This deep anxiety that I feel in my ….. (where do you feel it in your body?)

Under Nose: This number  (between 1 which is low to 10 – very high), stress in my…….

Under bottom Lip: This stress – Give it a shape

Collar Bone: This stress and fear- Give it a colour

Under Arm: This deep stress and fear- Give it a size


Then tap on Karate point and take a couple of deep breaths.

  • Consider how you feel. Any change? Has the number gone up, down, stayed the same?
  • Repeat Round 1 again. Make MINOR changes if required re: What number, Where you feel it.

Round 2  

After some deep breathing and considering how you feel now,  continue with

K.P 3 times repeating

Even tho I have remaining (your word) stress

I accept I am a good and decent person

Even tho I still have remaining stress and frustration, and I don’t want to!

I accept I am a good person and deserve to feel more calm and in control

Even tho I have some remaining frustration and stress about…….

I choose to release it, and just let it go


TH: This remaining stress

CE: This Number ….? remaining fear

SE: This remaining horrible anxiety I feel in my…..

UE: This remaining deep anxiety

UN: This remaining deep fear – Colour?

UL: This remaining stress I still feel – Size?

CB: I can choose to just let it go

UA: It is in my power to just let it go

TH: This fear serves me no purpose

CE: This remaining stress serves me no good purpose

SE: What good is it doing me? Am I self- sabotaging?

UE: I choose to release it

UN: I choose to let it go

UL: I choose to release it and let it go

CB: Gosh wouldn’t that be marvellous to just let it go?

UA: To feel free of all this stress

Continue to finger points (You can tap at meetings etc , do it under the table- no-one need know- say what you like?!)

Right Hand (can be left)

Left side of thumb nail: Releasing this remaining stress

Left side of index fingernail: Letting it go

Left side of middle fingernail: Releasing remaining stress

Left side of ring fingernail: Letting it go

Left side of pinky nail: Letting it go

Karate Point: Take some deep breaths and consider how you feel. Better, worse, the same.



Keep repeating this basic format

  • 5 or 10 minutes regularly when acute
  • 5 or 10 minutes twice a day
  • 5 minutes once a day, when everything is good

This does work and it works when you think ‘I don’t have time or I certainly can’t be bothered doing this!’ It works at a coping level of anxiety, stress, guilt, sadness…….any emotion.

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