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Why can’t I get pregnant? Part 2



In Part one of  ‘Why can’t I get pregnant?’ I suggest 5 questions you may ask and I give short specific responses. I also shared my difficulty conceiving, the professional help I received which still fascinates, and the fact that I had Caesarian births.

This post highlights :

    • why a difficulty in conceiving may be happening
    • the stress this highly emotive subject can cause
    • how a holistic approach in dealing with the stresses, offers benefit.

I specialise in EFT and Matrix Reimprinting. If you have not heard about these transformational stress and anxiety busting tools I suggest you take a look. Resources I recommend are listed at the end of the post.

Which feelings aggravate this emotional and physical block to pregnancy?

The stress, anxiety and unhappiness present in many forms. How many of these feelings can you recognise?

Anger, disappointment, resentment, rage, sadness, frustration, loneliness, self-pity, loss, numbness, helplessness; it is an endless list.

These feelings only dibilitate, they do not serve in any shape or form. But they are your feelings. These feelings are self-sabotaging and cause blocks to any joy, excitement or happiness which can be found in day to day life.

Question: Why keep them?

There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Yes as I write this I ask myself who would want to read on? Well not reading on only allows the upset to continue, so please bear with me.

This is a two person journey

A man can and will feel this anxiety as intently as a woman.

Consider what your man may be thinking and  how he may feel. His thought could be
  • What is my role?
  • Should I be or can I be supportive and strong?
  • Do I share my anguish?
  • Can I tell her my frustrations?
  • I’m angry too
  • Am I only useful now for a few days a month?
  • What do I do to feel better?

Men are very different creatures to we females. They seem to show their feelings and reactions in a different way. To some degree I think that the male species is in a state of flux and doesn’t quite know what role it is supposed to play today. Women are so strong.

What’s going to help?

You might be asking why spend time and money doing this Energy and Emotional work when the Dr’s surgery is down the road?

Answer: Because a holistic approach may help you more than you can ever imagine.

Working with a skilled practitioner in the moment, in the now, offers much. You can

  • discover what is driving you in a direction which does not serve.
  • find the real reasons and the cause of your trigger reactions. (mentioned above)
  • lower and clear these internalised blocks.

By releasing those negative and self-limiting blocks your body has an opportunity to respond positively and pregnancy may be achieved. What it has been hearing from your Mind Chatter  ‘ It’s not HAPPENING again!’ only makes the process more tricky. You tell yourself it’s not happening and your body says, ‘Ok it’s not happening’.

It’s a real pain in the arse but that’s what is potentially happening.

And with neck on the line: There’s a great cry nowadays for scientific proof but what happened 2000 years ago when such proof wasn’t demanded? Trust, messages and treatments handed down from generation to generation seemed to be useful.

Top Tip

Some humour is vital in all of this. Make time for humour; try not to take yourself too seriously, get out of your own way.

So how does this relate to the 5 questions?

BTW no-one is judging.

  • Why is my body letting me down?

Comment: Internalised stress at cellular level affects the body. In time a physical reaction is experienced. Blocks to success are in place and pregnancy proves difficult.

  • What is wrong with me?

Comment: Nothing at all is wrong with you except a belief system which needs some unravelling. This can be achieved by several methods. I use EFT and Matrix reImprinting to lower, manage or clear limiting beliefs which do not serve.

  • Am I too old?

Comment: You are only too old if you believe you are too old. What keeps you wondering if you are too old? What else do you want to do? What feelings are there around this question?

  • Surely it’s my right as a woman?

This may sound critical (my belief that you may think this) but that is not my intention. Why do you think it is your right? Why are you upset when you don’t get what you hope for? How do you react?  What do you feel? Is this a common reaction when you don’t get what you want or expect?

Can you see that assuming or expecting something might not actually be how things work out? How do you react when very disappointed? Is this a trait you recognise?

A skilled professional will gently

  • guide you
  • not allow you to ignore reactions which hold significance
  • ask you how you feel at those key moments
Why can’t my periods be more regular?

Emotional health and physical health are very closely related. Physically any pain, illness or disease is stated to be 90%  as a result of emotional stress held in the body. The other % is genetic or accidental. So if your body needs more regulation, look for the cause of this problem and do not just seek the cure.

This plays out for most physical health issues. Yes we are very smart and can fortunately cure or improve many conditions, but it is equally valuable to look at what causes the specific illness or pain in the first place. This is where a Meta Health practitioner can help you.

Finally, I hope this post goes someway toward helping you discover why you and your partner find difficulty in becoming pregnant. Perhaps a different aspect of dealing with the issue can be considered as you work your way through the process.

Written by Susan Cowe Miller: Holistic practitioner, EFT and Matrix reImprinting practitioner, Matrix Birth reImprinting, Meta Health skills, Counselling Skills. Fertility challenges is one of my specialist areas.

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Resources and recommendations.

Sharon King specialises in Matrix Birth reImprinting. She has written a book titled ‘Heal your Birth, Heal your Life.’

Meta Health information with Penny Croal .

Sam Thorpe- Stress and trauma on the mind and body.


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