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Why can’t I get pregnant?

Part 1.

A bit of an explosive topic ‘Why can’t I get pregnant?



A highly sensitive subject, a minefield, but just consider what may be achieved if that negative pressure and negative energy were removed; miraculous space could be made and nature would have a freer journey to make that desired outcome. If that concept is too way out to grasp or accept then perhaps consider this comment heard by many, from many.

A resigned and sad response of ‘ I gave up and channelled my energies elsewhere’.

Then what happened? Apparent magic happened! A state of being pregnant was realised.

I write this article from the perspective that a fertility problem can be assisted by Energy and Emotional Healing. A medical proceedure may of course be needed or required, however a medically invasive solution may not necessarily have to be the first or only answer.

5 questions you might be asking?

  1. Why is my body letting me down?
  2. What’s wrong with me?
  3. Am I too old?
  4. Surely it’s my right as a woman?
  5. Why can’t my periods be more regular?
My response:
  1. Your body is not letting you down. Once you can move beyond that heavy belief and seek resolution then your body can perhaps accomodate this grand wish.
  2. Absolutely nothing is wrong with you. You are perfect. Some belief, hiding at a subconscious level may be the problem. It cannot be guessed at a conscious level.
  3. OK when does age hinder conception? What age is sensibly too old? Perhaps the age issue can be an excuse to stop trying, unless you are heading toward 50. (my opinion)
  4. Sadly it appears not to be a God given right that all women conceive with ease.
  5. This is when professional medical help can really be benificial although Alternative options give enoromous success too. I am not a doctor of medicine but I know that a sensible diet, slowing down, a good amount of healthy exercise and not focussing every waking moment on the disappointment, are all good areas to focus on.

Let me tell you a story

My first husband and I took 6 years to get it right; to get pregnant and have our children. An ectopic pregnancy happened first then we looked into IVF because it still wasn’t happening. I certainly wanted to know what was going on, what problems were stopping us getting pregnant. If the prognosis was poor I would have adjusted my life.  I  did not want to be always waiting, just in case it happened.

IVF was still fairly pioneer stuff in the 1984 and Dr. Ian Craft helped us.  A Laparoscopy showed that the neck of my womb was compromised.

What this meant was

  • a stitch, a cervical suture was recommended if I conceived, to lessen the risk of miscarriage.

I would never have known about this possibility for a consiiderable time I expect, if I had not been told i.e. if I had not gone privately. I think many women may go through several miscarriages before this suggestion is offered or mentioned via the NHS. Please comment if times have changed.

Now interestingly it was suggested that a weakness of the cervix can be the result of miscarriage or abortion, neither of which I had experienced.

TIP : If miscarriage is a problem
  • Please you ask about a Cervical Suture!

Anyway back to the 1980s, my ectopic pregnancy was in 1984 in Qatar. A wonderful  Sudenese doctor, Dr. Mustafa Kleida, trained at the Hammersmith hospital, London with Dr. Robert Winston. Dr. Kleida did a wonderful job; he saved the damaged fallopian tube too. He reckoned that saving the tube was a contributing factor to conceiving my son. My son’s photograph was proudly on display in his office alongside many other babies.

To finalise this story

My children were both Caesarean births. My son – I was unable to give birth to naturally as dilation was poor ; my daughter I chose an epidural Caesarean as I didn’t fancy the struggle of  natural birth and I reckoned that with my history they would agree. They did.

So the whole fertility and birth process was a struggle.

Key Points

  1. My mother had difficulty giving birth to me.
  2. My sister before me took a while to conceive.
  3. I had a fear of childbirth.
  4. I had a fear of having a child who might not be 100% healthy.
  5. We were not good breeders.

All beliefs and assumptions only exaserbate problems which need to be overcome. Hand me down stories, ancestral beliefs and an unhealthy exaggerated fear of the whole process can all lead to problems. Perhaps the body is just saying ‘No’.

Part 2 will focus on

  • What are the real feelings which aggravate this problem ?
  • Where do these assumptions and beliefs come from?
  • It’s not just a female problem; there are two of you.
  • What can help?
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously……….and more.

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