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Reduce divorce stress using EFT-Huffington Post



Suzy Miller, the Alternative Divorce Guide interviewed me and the article was printed in The Huffington Post. The interview was titled Dealing with Divorce Stress over Christmas but divorce stress at any time is lousy so have a read; the article highlighted EFT.

When you find my video I suggest you just watch and listen to ‘What is EFT?‘ – it is informative and not a ‘tap along’.

Later, you can find specific EFT Tapping routines at my YouTube site/susancowe: routines for Helplessness, Anger, Fear, Confidence and many more emotive titles.

Divorce and keeping up the pretence of togetherness

Dealing with divorce or relationship break up at any time is hellish. It may come as no surprise that divorce lawyers are at their most busy during January. After Christmas or a family holiday one partner can no longer tolerate the pretence or manage the stress involved in keeping the marriage viable. The divorce or breakup commences.

What helps to manage the stress of divorce?

Stress levels and struggling with emotions such as anger, sadness, resentment, unforgiveness, frustration, fear, all need to be kept under control because big decisons are being made.

I teach clients how to use EFT: I teach them how to Tap, to focus and to manage strong and potentialy destructive feelings.

My video, What is EFT?

  • shows the process
  • explains why it is so useful
  • shares the benefits.

The video is perhaps looking its age; the content is perfect however and the message won’t change.

What can help you to move on after divorce?

Keeping busy, looking after yourself, an activity to lower stress levels e.g. attending a gym, meditation, visualisation . Sorting out your head one way or another is required, if powerful feelings and a lack of belief give thoughts of

  • I can’t start another relationship
  • I’m not good enough
  • My confidence is rock bottom and my wounds won’t mend.

I have developed a Pre/Post Divorce programme I’m Ready to Move On, a Home Study programme which guides you through a gentle and challenging process of self-discovery.

I can report positive feedback from the Family Lawyers and Mediators with whom I have shared detail of the programme.

My background is primary teaching and I have seen the sadness, anger and confusion in many children when a divorce is taking place. However children are incredibly resilient and can manage.

I have gone through the  ‘will I, won’t I consider divorce’ so I have trodden the path and know the ghastly effect this may have on any children involved. Many of us try to protect the children; I do wonder if we try hard enough. Suzy Miller’s work promotes this in many ways . She shares how you can succeed in divorcing  more aimicably and keeping the children foremost in your thoughts and actions.

When you work with me

I guide and mentor you through the minefield of emotions; whether using EFT or other modalities,  so that you can

  • have a clear head
  • rediscover self-confidence
  • manage feelings of anger and injustice
  • plan for the future


  • self-confidence is the new aphrodisiac
  • life changing decisions are being made
  • clarity and focus are vital
  • regret over decisions made in haste and panic can be avoided

I work 1-1, Skype and telephone.

Read my book Survive and Thrive after Trauma


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