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Radio Gorgeous Interview

Interviewed by Josephine Pembroke

I'm ready for me
Radio Gorgeous:Confidence shines

What a super time I had when interviewed by the lovely Josephine Pembroke for Radio Gorgeous.

How did I meet this very interesting lady?

I met Josephine at a networking  event in London. I was thrilled when she asked to interview me. I love sharing my  Holistic Therapy work and my book.  Mumpreneurs Networking Group of which I am a member organised the visit and, I think the networking opportunity.

Why did Josephine ask to interview me?

I suppose I could counter that question by saying ‘Why should she not ask to interview me?’ You see I forget sometimes that I am an author.

We chatted about Survive and Thrive after Trauma, the book I wrote 3 years ago. I expect that there are obvious reasons why I forget this quite amazing fact. It’s probably to do with the subject matter which is fairly deep and grim; alcoholism, possible divorce and death. However, maybe that is just how I see it. Perhaps it is a guiding light for others who have been well and truly challenged by emotional trauma. That was the whole point of writing the book; to tell others that they deserve better and that they can move on.

We  also chatted about the fascinating  therapies  I specialise in- EFT (Tapping) and Matrix reImprinting which help you to improve self-confidence, self-esteem and self- belief. My work as a holistic practitioner is a world or perhaps a galaxy away from my 30 years as a primary teacher.

If you don’t have time to listen then

A synopsis

Have you been challenged by

  • an alcoholic?
  • the grimness of to divorce or not to divorce?
  • a sudden death which resolves all things messy; giving you a second chance?

If YES then definitely have a listen and if not there is still much to take away.  I came out the other end of all those concurrent traumas and amazingly remarried 2 years ago! Now that’s another amazing fact.

Survive and Thrive after Trauma‘ is a  no holes barred interview but then I am a realist and only express myself well when being truly authentic. The book is in three parts:

  • autobiographical
  • emotional and energy healing resources with explanation
  • golden nuggets shared by interviewees now thriving

Top Tip when making big life decisions

It’s really easy peeps. Sometimes life sets us big challenges. Truths may be spoken or received and decisions need to be made. Gut feel is often our best friend when we need to rely on something to help us. It’s a lonely journey sometimes.

Back to the point.

I recommend listening to Radio Gorgeous.  There is something for everyone; it’s fun, edgy and sometimes quite controversial! The interviews are varied, thoroughly entertaining and interesting; sassy women sharing their stories and skills and sometimes just very topical subjects for you enjoy.

Thank you again Josephine.

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