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EFT aka Tapping to relieve feelings of stress and anxiety

Tapping Points

Tapping Points

EFT is praised as an impressive self-help tool allowing you to lower stress levels.

You can function appropriately within a few minutes of tapping and focussing on the specific stress trigger. You can self-treat at a deeper level when time allows. When choosing to work with a skilled practitioner, dramatic life changes can be made; almost with relative ease.

I have been working in Energy Healing using EFT for about seven years now.  I work with emotions which are feelings and are therefore not just in the mind. I do work holistically and use a variety of modalities to help shift and clear anxiety related symptoms, specialising in EFT and Matrix reImprinting.

What might stop you trying EFT?

The fear factor, the lack of knowledge factor and a potential need for scientific proof can get in the way of taking that first step toward improvement in lifestyle or an ability to move beyond substantial emotional upheaval or trauma.

So what does EFT and reImprinting achieve?

  • Tapping can achieve an improved self-confidence and a heightened self-belief. This results in life appearing easier because the previous emotional blocks and limiting beliefs are removed; there is energetic space for good and better to come your way.
  • After EFT has reduced the anxiety level, I try to introduce Matrix reImprinting fairly quickly. ReImprinting quells the trigger, allows the subconscious to be imprinted with a different message and silences the trip you up Inner Voice messages. Old beliefs and limiting behaviour patterns can be released and the subconscious is reprogrammed.

As a Self-Help tool TAPPING is impressive and I recommend learning the technique either from an EFT trainer or a practitioner. A trainer will take you through the whole process and you come out with your Training certificate. This process is required if you wish to become a practitioner.

Or you can attend a Workshop run by someone like me. I am a practitioner and teach people to learn Tapping as a self-help tool. You will equally appreciate the background, the power of the technique and vitally you will learn to tap properly.

How is EFT different from many other therapies?

EFT works at two levels.

  1. Mindset level.
  2. Cellular level.

Mindset level:  Tapping can help with the WHY you cannot move beyond fears and things you don’t want to do. Limiting patterns of behaviour e.g.

  • The  ‘I can’t do’, ‘I won’t do because’ voices.
  • Those with phobia who are terrified to tackle the something they fear.
  • Traumatic life experiences which limit many.
  • Beliefs of ‘I am not good enough’ ‘It must be perfect’ which self-sabotage completion of dreams and ambition.

BUT when you have a drive to overcome such limitations, working with a skilled practitioner can move mountains.

Cellular level: Tapping can lower the physical stress sensations you can feel in your body. You can feel stressed, anxious, sad, angry, misunderstood, fearful and all the other descriptive words used to describe how you may feel. You can be very specific and state where exactly you are feeling the sensation. You can describe it, give it a shape, size and colour. These feelings are imprinted at cellular level and can result in physical signs of illness, pain or disease. For sceptics perhaps simply consider why each one of us does not portray the same illness or pain. Why are we all different and why do we as individuals display whatever it is we display in our physical bodies? It is claimed that over 80%, arguably over 90% of our pain and disease is a result of stress held in the body.

Resources you may find useful.

  1. Gary Craig, the founder of EFT shares an explanatory video.
  2. Karl Dawson, founder of Matrix reImprinting works with a Frog Phobia
  3. A link to the latest book on Matrix reImprinting.
  4. EFT for Fear and Panic.One of my ten minute Tapping routine videos (perhaps could do with some tarting up but the content would remain the same).

And if you want to contact me for EFT and Matrix reImprinting consultations please call.

Mobile: 07917 680967

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