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Stressed or emotionally challenged? Points to consider

Stressed or emotionally challenged? Points to consider.

Or just blow the cobwebs away

Or just blow the cobwebs away

Stress and Anxiety display in many ways. When our emotional and spiritual life is flowing smoothly our physical wellbeing is generally good. When emotionally stressed or challenged we revert to type.

I have shared a selection of questions which may be of value. Sneak a peek to find out if you are triggered emotionally by some of them. You may gain insight to beliefs and reactions which you might prefer to remove from your life; ones which do not serve.

Write down your answers. Consider how you feel? What do you feel? Where do you feel any stress?

When I was doing my Counselling training I found it incredibly difficult when asked how I felt about things. I knew what I thought, but I had blocked off or could not fathom how I felt about certain things. Hence my delight when I discovered the world of Energy and Emotional Healing where it is possible to find release on 2 levels: mindset and cellular level.

Most physical health related complaints and serious illness benefit when the individual has strong emotional and spiritual health. A belief system which allows the flow of these 2 vital components then offers the route to improved physical health.

The questions below may help you to rediscover a Joie de Vie.

The questions simple and straight forward; perhaps rate them 1-5 in order of reaction.

Getting an idea of behaviour which does not serve means you are a step ahead of many others who stagger on blindly. You can also feel better and more in control.

If stressed, emotionally challenged, pissed off or just frustrated with your lot.

Who questions

  1. Who triggered this emotional response in you?
  2. Who else was involved in any of this?
  3. Who would you like to help you?
  4. Who do you think can help you?
  5. Who do you need to remove from your work situation or your personal life?

What questions

  1. What situation triggered this response?
  2. What specifically was happening before you realised you felt this way?
  3. What were you thinking when this happenend?
  4. What did you do?
  5. What did you think when you did that and was it useful or did it make you feel worse?

When questions

  1. When does this occur?
  2. And when do these feelings of e.g. stress or anxiety, sadness or anger really cause you problems?

Where questions

  1. Where are you when this happens?
  2. Where can you move to, to perhaps find quiet or release?
  3. Where does this happen most frequently?
  4. Where do you want to be?
  5. Where can you realistically go?

Why questions

  1. Why do you think this happens?
  2. Why does it keep happening to you?
  3. Why does that other person (s) not appreciate or understrand that you feel uncomfortable or deeply upset by this?
  4. Why does it take so long to sort out this kind of thing?
  5. Why don’t people understand what you want/wish/desire from your relationship with them, professionally or personally?

How questions

  1. How can you start altering any feelings of anxiety?
  2. How can you begin to feel better?
  3. How much time will it take do you think – to feel better?
  4. How much money will it cost to work with a specialist who can help?
  5. How and where do you see yourself in 6 months time?

When you are wrapped up in your own stuff you cannot see the wood for the trees .

Top Tip: (only read if ready) !

You are responsible for how you feel and it is unfair, more often than not, to blame others for this.

Please check out my website: Hampshire-EFT.

I am a holistic practitioner offering mentoring and guidance; helping clients to feel better and to step forward confidently. I specialise in EFT and Matrix reImprinting. I have walked the walk.

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