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Black Friday 60% off – I’m Ready to Move On

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

From Black Friday to Cyber Monday my Home Study products are reduced by 60% from £127 to just £47.

If moving on from the trauma of divorce, a relationship breakdown or the death of a partner proves too difficult to tackle or too difficult to consider possible, then ‘I’m Ready to Move On’ is something which can most certainly be helpful to you.

I have had experience of three big life traumas and fortunately I have moved on. I have written my book ‘Survive and Thrive after Trauma‘ detailing the story and I include Self-help routes and interviews with those now thriving.

Our belief system can stop us; that is why some move on and some do not. Some are happy with a decision to avoid becoming entangled once more with another and decide to keep safe; that is a choice.

However I suggest you do not allow a negative belief system to stop you. Feel at ease with your choice and if you do not feel at ease with your choice then this Home Study programme of some Self-Discovery and Self- Analysis can be very useful to you. It offers an opportunity for Empowerment and increased Confidence.

Please check out the structure of the programme by clicking on the link above.

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Maria Kielty
Susan expertly guided me through the Matrix Reimprinting sessions; 3 to change past traumatic memories and 2 on future imprinting. I can honestly say that I know emphatically that everything will be okay.
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Roberta Jerram
I recently experienced an EFT / Matrix Reimprinting session with Susan over the telephone and felt immediately put at ease by Susan's soothing voice and professionalism.
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An appreciative client
I recently became totally overwhelmed by all that I have happening in my life, I felt alone and I was beating myself up over not being able to overcome various struggles.
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