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That ‘f… it’ moment; and health consequences

Feeling better thank you!

Feeling better thank you!

At your peril

  1. ignore signs of emotional stress; it is being disrespectful to your health
  2. ignore physical signs of ill-health because that is really disrespectful to your health

The subtleties of how our body reacts and displays poor physical health and how we heal are very individual; emotional stress is a major player.

A simplistic explanation relating to the emotional contribution on the how and why our body takes its opportunity to heal (Meta Health), resulting in our being ill or in pain is

  • we have resolved a stress issue
  • we have accepted something which has caused us some emotional distress
  • we’ve been fortunate to have a ‘f… it’ ‘ moment  and go on to JFDI

I have great respect for those who are Meta Health practitioners; I have Introductory Meta Health skills and soon Advanced Clearing Energetics (ACE) skills.

Penny Croal a Meta trainer reminded me of the ‘fuck it’ moment; when e.g. we release our energy around (usually)  some piece of emotional crap that we have struggled with for a while. We’ve accepted that we can do no more to resolve the offending issue or situation other than, to use the magic words, MOVE ON  from the stress or irritation. You see it’s a choice; we can stay stuck, frustrated, angry, feeling useless OR we can just let it go. Simple really in principle and then we deal with the healing phase, when our body says-

OK! I have adjusted to deal with the stress and now I can go back and regenerate/heal.

The healing phase of course is unpleasant and can be deadly too.

Ladies I need to do a whole other blog on this but in principle the condition I have to respect/be aware of is Lichen Sclerosus; intimate female parts and how the skin can change. I mention this as ignorance can kill AND don’t let a doctor tell you it’s just age deterioration or whatever else. If you know your body is not right then seek medical advice and use alternative treatments too if you wish a holistic well-being approach to your life and health.

If you would like to question me on this subject please comment or contact me.

I am still working on what I have said ‘fuck it ‘ to, or what I have just accepted. But whatever it was I have now sought help from my EFT/Meta family, my homoeopath and my private health insurance.

I believe I now have a probable answer to the underlying source of my flair up. If I resolve the original core negative emotion I can clear the potential illness from resurfacing and that is what is wonderful about working with the combination of EFT, Matrix Reimprinting  and Meta Health ( and I assume A.C.E.)

If you only scrape the surface of your health flare up, take the pills and lotions, have the operations, the physical ill health may return again, and again.

So I wish you good health, strong belief and a lack of fear to make change/transformation from some of life’s stresses which you know are not good for your health and can limit the opportunity to find joy.

( The condition I need to respect is Lichen Schlerosus. I have had it for about 14 years and often advice from medical people and alternative people contradict so I find it difficult to decide which information is best).

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