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World Mental Health Day

Hampshire Festival of the Mind

Hampshire Festival of the Mind

Last week I gave a talk on Managing Strategies to Deal with Stress as part of Hampshire-Festival of the Mind. The venue was the beautiful Portsmouth Cathedral. As it’s World Mental Health Day  I want to praise Carolyn Barber and her team who organised this really useful All Day event. There were numerous free workshops sharing  a cross-section of valuable and informative tips and techniques; there was also much laughter.

I enjoyed my day and met a variety of people. The networking was useful and all attendees were asking questions, either for self-help or for those they serve.

I work privately to support people who question their stress, emotional trauma, unwanted patterns of living; clients who wish to feel more at ease and have confidence to enjoy and live life. But what about those who cannot afford private help and require support, self help skills and resources- those aware that they need guidance but who are lost within the system or outside the system; how can they rebuild their lives.

Dr. Rachel Perkins gave a splendid talk; no-nonsense stating the challenge around recovering a life- rebuilding lives, and how the Mental Health Services are in need of sensible and beneficial revamping.

An impressive event and well done everyone.

I shared HeartMath Breathing, Mind Calm and EFT.






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