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My sore heel: what may have caused that?

Meta Health

Meta Health

Yesterday my left heel was giving me some big trouble. It had been scratched by a rose bush the day before but I didn’t think that merited the discomfort I was feeling.

I have a fair level of Meta Health skills but I chucked the question out to Meta Specialists in our private Facebook page. (Meta Health:  How our emotions can affect our physical body). I know that I am left side dominant and I had some idea what subconsciously might have been causing the emotional disturbance in previous days/weeks.

Fundamentally our body shows the pain, illness and discomfort in the healing phase; the stress phase is over and the body takes the opportunity to heal. OK so a key point here is

  • what stress is over?
  • what has been resolved?

When a stressful situation is resolved, we forget about it. It’s past. Yippee!  But We forget. I have basic Meta Health skills  and experience and I still forget what might have been going on.

But with specific questioning, very specific questioning based on a great amount of knowledge and learning, tested and whatever else  might be asked of such a ‘big’ subject, we can lead a client to consider what might have been going on previously in their life which caused them dis-ease, but is now resolved.

I know that feet relate to moving forward. But that is general.

I could consider:

  • grounding myself if all over the place
  • issues around moving forward with business, partner, life situations
  • not able to ‘put my foot down’
  • issues around stepping up or down,  or reaching higher

If you want to find out more there are wonderful books, Meta Health practitioners and I have a fair amount of skills and learning.

Result: Yesterday I used EFT tapped and released some anxiety and frustration. Now I’m not going to tell you specifically what I worked on:-)

Today my heel is very much better.

Perhaps the Savlon worked with the rose shredding. Perhaps I released stuff which was/had been bugging the hell out me.

I did not resolve totally. I suspect more work needs done.

Thank you Penny Croal, Sam Thorpe and Tanzy Rock for information and your knowledge.

Books if interested:

Meta Messages from your Body by Sam Thorpe

The Biogenealogy Sourcebook by Christian Fleche

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Wishing you good emotional and physical health.

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