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Meta Health: emotions affect our physical health

Meta Health

Meta Health

Are you worried about your physical health?

Do you have patterns of ill health or does one particular ailment or illness present itself regularly and you don’t know why?

Meta Health is a truly amazing insight into our physical health. Controversially it explains how our emotional health is (90% even 95%+ ) the reason for our physical ailments and serious disease. Scary? Yes indeed! Even for me.

Consider this: we subconsciously are responsible for the dis-ease in our body. That means we are not aware of it happening.

The principle is:

  • when we have been in a state of stress (not all stress is bad!) our body adapts and deals with the emotional disruption
  • when the stress has been resolved our body HEALS itself

So it can be difficult to figure out what triggered our body to take the opportunity to heal; i.e. what stressful event, concern is now resolved; what was going on to cause the stressful situation,……..

That’s where an EFT and Matrix Reimprinting practitioner can take you back to discover the trigger situation, memory, incident; the one you have given no thought to because it is over.

We heal the beliefs around the situation, clear the emotion; our emotional block has gone.

Please phone me if you want to discuss this concept further. Mobile: 07917 680967

I can also direct you to Meta Health specialists: Sam Thorpe, Penny Croal and Tansy Rock.  I have Introductory knowledge and that in itself is fairly considerable. I write this to suggest you ponder possibilities. It is a big topic and guessing games are not really much help. Practitioner help is advised.

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Paula Bishop
Susan clearly explained the EFT and Matrix process to me and led me through, step by step, always checking that what we were doing was suitable for me.
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Maria Kielty
Susan expertly guided me through the Matrix Reimprinting sessions; 3 to change past traumatic memories and 2 on future imprinting. I can honestly say that I know emphatically that everything will be okay.
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Allison Marlowe
I am very open to trying new therapies but I wasn't expecting such a quick result from working with Susan. The one session we had together completely changed my thinking patterns.
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