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Feeling alone, vulnerable and helpless

Start believing

Start believing

Sometimes we can feel very alone, highly vulnerable and intensely anxious. We feel in desperate need of increased confidence and inner self-belief.

Life can set us big challenges. I help clients deal with overwhelm, deep stress, feelings of frustration and anger.

We can choose to move from a place of helplessness; but if we feel like a deer trapped in the headlights, that move can seem to paralyse us.

Tapping can help you.

I have made 2 short videos: EFT Tapping videos which could be just what you are looking for.

Part 1: When you feel alone, it’s as if no-one else could feel as helpless and hopeless as you do.

Part 2: A more assertive and upbeat session when light can be seen at the end of the tunnel.

I suggest you watch the first video several times, especially if you are feeling crippled with helplessness, and, until you feel a lessening of the stress held within your body.

The second video is more upbeat, instilling confidence and a belief that you are capable of dealing with your situation; able to move forward and take control of decisions you may need to make.

These can be used several times daily when the intensity is high.

When you become relaxed with this technique use it for any feeling of distress and use words which are true to you.

Wishing you confidence and belief.

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Roberta Jerram
I recently experienced an EFT / Matrix Reimprinting session with Susan over the telephone and felt immediately put at ease by Susan's soothing voice and professionalism.
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Allison Marlowe
I am very open to trying new therapies but I wasn't expecting such a quick result from working with Susan. The one session we had together completely changed my thinking patterns.
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Paula Bishop
Susan clearly explained the EFT and Matrix process to me and led me through, step by step, always checking that what we were doing was suitable for me.
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