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Reduce Divorce Stress-Huffington Post



In December I was interviewed by Suzy Miller the Alternative Divorce Guide for The Huffington Post; the interview was titled Dealing with Divorce Stress over Christmas.   My video What is EFT? was also promoted.

However divorce stress is not unique to Christmas and I have developed a Pre/Post Divorce programme, ‘I’m Ready To Move On’.which guides members through a gentle and challenging self-discovery process to a place of moving on.

You discover

  • who you were and importantly who you can be
  • what is keeping you in that place of stuckness
  • life’s possibilities which can give peace or fulfilment or pleasure

I am delighted to report positive feedback from the Family Lawyers and Mediators to whom I have shared detail of the programme.

My background is primary teaching and I have gone through the  ‘will I won’t I consider divorce’ so I know the ghastly effect this may have on any children involved.

When working 1-1 through the minefield of emotions; whether using EFT or other modalities,  I guide and help a client

  • to keep a clear head
  • to manage feelings of anger and injustice
  • to clear feelings of low self-worth


  • confidence empowerment is the new aphrodisiac
  • life changing decisions are being made
  • clarity and focus are vital
  • regret over decisions made in haste and panic can be avoided

To find out more about EFT and Matrix Reimprinting I include an NHS pilot study which states the potential of such treatment and I share a thought provoking interview .

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I work 1-1, Skype and telephone.

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Sheryl Andrews
I have to say that I was really impressed with the whole experience and left feeling like my whole emotional well being had shifted up a notch or two.
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Chris Elmes
Thank you so much for talking to us about EFT – a subject which, pretty obviously, none of us had the first clue about!
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Paula Bishop
Susan clearly explained the EFT and Matrix process to me and led me through, step by step, always checking that what we were doing was suitable for me.
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