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You can heal negative beliefs; but where do they come from? My Hallowe’en Story

Astute children

Astute children

I am sharing  a story about an old bag of a teacher. Negative beliefs are very powerful and potentially highly destructive. But they are programmes we run in our sub conscious. They show up when we are stressed and we react as programmed. I want to give an example which may help you to understand the power of such a belief. My professional background is in primary teaching. Often when I give a Talk I light-heartedly mention that mothers and teachers are often the reason why we all have hangups and hold particular negative beliefs. A belief is only a belief. It’s not fact or fiction; perhaps faction. A fact (statement or action) taken in and manipulated and strengthened in the sub conscious over time. My Story. I was around nine and had great fun at school. My friend and I were often carrying on and loved playing with the boys. One day the teacher asked the whole class to draw and colour a Hallowe’en lantern. In Scotland we say a turnip lantern. In England it’s a Swede lantern, but don’t concern yourself with that:-). All 33 of us drew a big turnip face with zigzag eyes, triangle nose and zigzag mouth. When finished we took them out to show the teacher. We stood in a long line. (teaching must have been easy in those days, half the time the kids were waiting in queues). My turn came and my memory is that she said ‘Oh yes that’s good Susan but perhaps you can do a bit more with the mouth.’ (This same teacher also told me, when I’d been asked to state my address, that I must be wrong because there was no Dalry Road in Stewarton. Not true!) Anyway I trotted back to my seat. My friend Irene who I sat beside was turning round chatting to the boys and having a grand old time. I looked at her picture and then mine. And, I swapped them in a moment! Let’s face it all 33 I may have assumed, must be very similar. Now Irene was actually the teacher’s pet. True and also useful on many occasions. My memory of Irene taking her lantern picture out to the teacher runs like this. She queued. Her turn came and the teacher was almost out of her seat before she saw Irene’s picture, to stick it on the wall. That’s my memory. Irene’s picture which was really mine was on the wall! I’m not sure when I told Irene. Maybe years later. We are still great friends. She wasn’t surprised. So what may I have learned that day.

    • I was not good enough
    • Other people are more popular than me
    • Teacher was an old bitch
    • I’m not going to let anyone else undermine me.

Whether my friends or family see that trait running in me, I wouldn’t dare to say! As I said I enjoyed school. But when working with a swap partner I have worked on that trigger memory reaction and mindset and have reimprinted a different final picture. I still don’t care to be made a fool of. Mind you- Who would?

If you have particular negative memories perhaps even school memories, have you noticed similar patterns and reactions when you have been tested over the years? Would you like to clear that default reaction/pattern? You can be free of them. It is actually your choice. You and only you have kept the message alive and well and strengthening inside your head.

Read more about Matrix Reimprinting and watch a couple of videos: A Frog Phobia and Karl Dawson explaining what Matrix Reimprinting is all about.

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