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Clear negative beliefs

When the body shows serious signs of physical stress and illness it can be within our power to release the emotional blocks which may have caused the dis-ease.  I stress I am talking about emotional distress and the release of that distress; not suggesting medical intervention be bypassed.

Quote  from short video by Gary Craig the founder of EFT   ‘Doctors treat a chemical imbalance with another chemical treatment. Consider the contrasting EFT approach to illness which suggests the root cause of the illness, pain or disease may be an energetic imbalance and/or an unresolved emotional issue eg the guilts, fears, anger we collect over a lifetime which may manifest in the body as illness.

A recent client has many serious and challenging physical issues.  In the past deep anxiety, sickness in the stomach and issues with parents may have been the core reason for deep anxiety to be a strong presence in my client’s life.  These feelings and beliefs have been given power and strengthened over the years.

Tapping and focussing can release old and debilitating beliefs. Clients have been amazed to discover the possibility that a belief can be

  • the core reason leading to a particular path which
  • determines a particular route in life
  • resulting in the body displaying signs of a very particular illness.

When the blocking energy is discovered and released the path is clear for improved health and the opportunity for peace and happiness to flourish.

A quote from cellular biologist  Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D. ” The moment you change your perception is the moment you rewrite the chemistry of your body.”   Read more


  • Digging into the past, may help you discover why you are ill.
  • You can set yourself free.

Worth a thought if nothing else.

Are you open to this concept that we potentially make ourselves ill and therefore we can potentially make ourselves better? Please leave a comment.






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