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Stress and its effect on physical health

Allow the light

Allow the light

It is accepted by many that over 90% of physical pain and disease is a result of emotional distress held in the body. I feel quite passionate that emotional and energy healing can impact hugely on alleviating our physical ailments.  It’s more than just an accepting of warning signs when we overdo things or a need to climb off life’s roller coaster ride on occasion.  My new learning is in Meta Medicine: an approach to understanding the stress based root cause, the psychological meaning of and biological process of any illness.

Here’s a little story highlighting what I believe was a stress induced reaction in my body recently. As some of you know I married three weeks ago. Four weeks before I married I noticed a red mark about a new penny in size, slightly furry in texture on my right cheek (of my face). Life was busy!  My Hen Do was days away so I was almost unconcerned about it.  A few days later I was aware that it wasn’t going away anywhere quickly; but it was not itchy or sore. Sinister thoughts started jumping into my head. I won’t labour this story but a week later I had an appointment with my homeopath. I mentioned it to him and after some ponderings he said he would give me nothing as he thought it may just go of its own accord. Another week passed and it was still there: I saw my doctor. After some discussion, touching and looking he said he was not going to give me anything. My reaction to this was that I have an understanding about stress and its effect so I better just

  • accept it
  • try nothing stupid
  • believe it would buggar off!

Four days before the wedding it had gone. It became fainter then disappeared.

So what’s my point?

  • I did not overreact as I suspected it was stress induced and two medical people had chosen not to ‘try’ anything.

(Also during that time I had 2 migraines. This I knew was stress and I again accepted it, took notice and worked on quietening myself. Interestingly my son is having some migraines just now. A bit more regularly. He is marrying in August. I hope he will listen to mummy (eyes upward!). I did say to him today that people pay someone like me to help them overcome emotional obstacles, to deal with stress or to receive information which may help or guide them.)

Key point to consider: Do not give energy to stuff which worries and upsets you. Giving energy to negative issues is a drain and only compounds the issue.  Try to be aware. Deal with the issue in a more appropriate way. Try to serve yourself!

I look  forward to a stay in Brighton later this month while I learn more.


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