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PTT Picture Tapping Technique

If you are questioning focus,  attitude,  passion,  mojo, confidence-  I have added PTT to my EFT skills.

A superb addition when working with

  • children   eg. behaviour issues,  eczema, allergies,
  • trauma
  • the reluctant client session:  when voicing the real  issue  just seems too great- eg depression.

PTT is very simple and mind blowingly effective, as  is EFT and Matrix ReImprinting.  The  practitioner DOES not need to know the story.  We deal with feelings.  Feelings, the thing that so many people do not realise  are key!  Actually, with PTT we need to know VERY little at all. This may be helpful to anxious parents.

At our Course we learned and worked with a process where a small number of pictures are drawn, tapping  follows after each picture.  Resolution to the focussed issue can be easily achieved.

This sounds simplistic.  You are correct : it is.   The success rate  is impressive. We in the trade know the results with Matrix and EFT  are impressive.  This  way of clearing stuff – the negative and imprisoning beliefs, the phobias etc is suitable for all emotional healing.

You can set yourself FREE

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Paula Bishop
Susan clearly explained the EFT and Matrix process to me and led me through, step by step, always checking that what we were doing was suitable for me.
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Chris Elmes
Thank you so much for talking to us about EFT – a subject which, pretty obviously, none of us had the first clue about!
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