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Stress and physical disease. Inner peace aids healing.

We choose everything that we do in our life.  We are responsible.  We can also choose to change anything.

Are you aware that stress and physical disease are very closely related?  It is accepted that around 90-95% of physical pain and disease is a result of emotional stress held within the body. Last year I attended the Brahma Kumaris ‘Uplifting your Spirits’ which was centred around cancer, but the message and discussions could have revolved around general pain and disease, small or serious.

The day was a new experience for me but it happened at the right time. I needed to quieten myself and although the day only reinforced my knowledge of inner peace I also gained enormously. Sometimes we forget what is important in life. Two speakers told their story of recovery and their message was simple

  • accept a given situation, embrace it,  find peace with it so that healing or a solution can be allowed to happen.

I have recently read The Journey by Brandon Bays. An inspirational book detailing her remarkable journey dealing with cancer.

So  it is easy then to accept adversity, move beyond, retrieve our good health and sort our head out too!

Of course not,  but we do have a choice.  We can heal, find solutions or ask others to help us with our needs.

I help or guide  people to rediscover  Real Confidence. The confidence from within which truly allows life and health to flow more smoothly.

Our lives are surrounded by stressful situations, ( although not all stress is necessarily bad). But should we continually push ourselves or fight fears eg

  1. have to meet ridiculous deadlines
  2. juggle too many plates
  3. try to ignore a phobia
  4. battle with situations at work
then my advice is fairly simple
  • Listen to your body.
  • Be sensitive and recognise your physical weakness.
  • Slow down and allow recovery.

Your business and family life will thrive not suffer.

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Rachel – Psychology graduate
I was quite surprised with my session of EFT, and especially the Matrix Reimprinting which I hadn't experienced before.
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Liz Merritt
We all enjoyed your talk immensely,so thank you!
Thank you for all your information and resources.
Liz M. Havant Complementary Health Group
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Allison Marlowe
I am very open to trying new therapies but I wasn't expecting such a quick result from working with Susan. The one session we had together completely changed my thinking patterns.
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