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Still sluggish and worried about missing the boat?

Missed the boat?Missing what boat?  Or is it just me?  I have been waiting for the 3rd of Jan for several weeks.  After all, I have had about 17 months to put on the ‘bit of weight‘ I had lost in early 2010. The 6 weeks before 3rd Jan  has been spent enjoying the blooming festive build up.  For quite a lot of us I expect, we can’t quite get away with the excess that some others can!

However, I am now in the zone re the food and drink!  (Work zone is another matter.)  Some of you know that changing mindsets is how I help people: working with negative beliefs, de-cluttering, establishing a positive mindset.  I do also say that positive thinking alone is not the answer. The old beliefs need cleared or they simply resurface.

Today’s points

  • I want to address my weight issue myself, I choose to do it myself.   I feel sure I can, but I needed a clear month of no more temptation.  I have a poor mindset with regard to great control over my pleasure in wine and good food, and as someone high up in the ‘tapping game‘ said whilst relaxing during a  development course she was giving , ‘I refuse to tap about the wine!’
  • However I do feel somewhat reluctant  about getting  ‘into the zone’  re-  work  and that’s where I am sluggish.  That’s when the fears and worries can come in  eg   ‘I am slow getting my message out,’  ‘the others are out there before me doing their job.’  The old old self belief hurdle!
  • I am not truly dedicated to my profession, I had time off! (some folk don’t?!!)  and now  could quite happily wish to play more golf.   So I remember the key to my self work and why I have to get back ‘on board’.  My wonderful trainer Ted Wilmont’s final words at Matrix training was,  ‘Let it happen’    What he meant was do not push, push , push – do the prep. then let it happen- allow space to let it happen.
  • So I am starting my self work, my tapping, my energy exercises and reiki self work, to help with my motivation, because , simply –  I need to.

As with ANY issue, if it proves too difficult to sort out, and the downward spiral keeps going down, help can be at hand.

I also feel an  overwhelming desire to share that a continually growing number of the mainstream professions,  psychiatrists, psychologists, counsellors, hypnotherapists and doctors  acknowledge, learn or use EFT  – for the more difficult clients, the clients who they may  have difficulty truly shifting.

Surprised?  I’m not surprised.  No they are keen to help their clients too, with whatever expertise they have.

Why wait!?   Look into EFT and Matrix ReImprinting


Happy New Year All


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