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Brave Enough for the Unpalatable Truth

I should have been golfing today; I rained it off! Found myself still a bit under the weather and felt drawn towards writing about ‘the unpalatable truth’  blog.   Hope it’s interesting.

Most of us steer away from uncomfortable, and unpalatable truths.  Why? probably because they make us ‘sick to the stomach’  And mainly because they are so difficult to face, that we just don’t go there!  We might have to make big decisions, face up to our own short comings, or God forbid, someone else’s. Much easier to pretend that it’s just not there.  Blocked comfortably. Why rock the boat?

My recent training allowed me the opportunity to use the experts to work on me. I’ve been working with EFT for a fair wee while but kept ‘a real biggie’  to myself, (and I’m a practitioner!)  Quite fascinating the sick feeling I felt! I tell clients that to get full benefit of EFT they need to be honest, otherwise the same limitations eventually rear their ugly head again. But here are some reasons why people don’t or can’t ‘come clean’

  • they are completely unaware of  deep suppressed issues
  • they choose to save the difficult stuff for another day(or another year)
  • they feel that they cannot possibly admit to feeling undeserving,
  • as with many emotional realisations, feel inadequate about mentioning  ‘it’  to people who can help
All this may sound impossible to resolve.
EFT and the wonders of Matrix work  can very quickly bring an emotion to the surface, deflate it’s intensity and allow further work to clear the underlying, core reason.
The results can be truly amazing.  Just witnessing someone ‘float out the door’  is very sastisfying.  When they come back for further treatment and you ask, ‘Any reaction to ……….. that you talked about last time?’  Often there is a blank face, because it is of absolutely no consequence.   The fact that some clients may feel they did it all by themselves with no real help from the practitioner, just makes us smile quietly to ourselves.
(EFT and Matrix works for small niggles too, that just frustrate and annoy.)

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