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Healing Health Holistically. Release and relieve effects of stress and trauma from mind and body.
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Hi there, I’m Susan Cowe Miller, Hampshire EFT is my Holistic therapy business based in Rowlands Castle, Hampshire.

Reduce anxiety and rekindle a healthy and happier outlook on life. Whatever has caused stress to mind or body can be mended. A gentle helping hand to guide you.

Is your emotional or physical health now impacting on your family, your partner, your business? Are you ready to focus on you?

Specialist areas

I have walked the walk and then I surprised myself by writing my story: Survive and Thrive after Trauma.

I help facilitate change to fulfil your true potential:

  • Ease anxiety, reduce stress.
  • Understand the Organ, Mind, Brain connection to healing.
  • Allow confidence and self-esteem to grow.
  • Improve physical health.
I run a Bed and Breakfast from our home and offer therapeutic stays: Please email or call for details.

Mobile: 07917 680967

The power of tapping

EFT involves tapping of energy meridian points on the body whilst voicing positive affirmations to clear emotional blocks from your body’s bio-energy system.

Consider EFT as psychological acupuncture, without needles or undressing.

Check out my Testimonials . Clients are frequently surprised at results achieved!

Learning how to use EFT on yourself is a truly transformational experience helping you re-gain control over emotional pain and restoring your mind and body’s balance to optimum health.

Going through a tough time?

Emotional distress can be triggered by major life events such as divorce, illness, bereavement, job loss and personal trauma. The pace of modern life can leave us feeling stressed and unwell. Our bodies tell us when things are out of kilter but do we always listen?

What impact is your emotional state having on you?

Irritable, Sad, Frustrated, Anxious, Angry, Low self esteem, Hopeless, Low mood, Not sleeping, Stressed and tense, In physical pain, IBS, Worried.

Empowering you to feel restored and re-energised

If you are struggling emotionally then my tailored 1-1 holistic approach to healthy wellbeing offers a solution. Based on Health Coaching, Counselling, EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and Root Cause Analysis to physical health problems, the sessions will unlock pain and move you towards inner calm and stress free living. In addition, sharing EFT techniques empowers you to take ownership, and by using them on yourself whenever necessary, helps maintain optimum health.

Here are some examples of how my holistic approach, coaching and EFT therapy could help you

  • Rediscover your authentic self, find inner calm and peace.
  • Turn down the Inner Voice which feeds unresolved emotional hurts.
  • Have a self-help tool at your finger-tips which allows the quietening of negative thoughts and beliefs.
  • Re-frame, reset and let go of stress triggers.
  • Establish empowering beliefs and create real-life improvements.
  • Increase strength, vitality and life energy.

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Contact Mobile: 07917 680967 Tel: 02392 410090

Childhood abusive trauma
You are a wonderful, kind and very empathetic practitioner and have helped me greatly. Guilt no longer weighs me down – no longer sad and unsure of who I am. 
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Allison Marlowe
I am very open to trying new therapies but I wasn't expecting such a quick result from working with Susan. The one session we had together completely changed my thinking patterns.
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Maria Kielty
Susan expertly guided me through the Matrix Reimprinting sessions; 3 to change past traumatic memories and 2 on future imprinting. I can honestly say that I know emphatically that everything will be okay.
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How can EFT benefit me?
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Tel: 02392 410090
Mobile: 07917 680967
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Rowlands Castle, Hampshire.